Win a $50 eftpos voucher to spend on your next date !


We want to bring real dating back!

And that’s why we are excited to announce a little giveaway competition with We Date. Dating should be fun and actually about connecting wiht someone in real life instead of just building a relationship through a screen .

That’s why we want to give you an incentive to get back out there and go on an actual date! No more swiping and just hoping you can have someone ask you out.

It’s all about being proactive and making it happen. So to encourage you The Dating Directory and We Date are giving away 10 x $50 eftpos vouchers to any people  within Australia who are ready to download the app and post a date.

That’s right , we want to see some sort of commitment and action first , because we are all about getting you progress in your love life and not just letting you say you’ll do it …then jump back on Tinder to continue your swipe addiction.

Here’s what you need to do:

Simply click the link to apply and follow the instructions. Which are basically to tell us your ideal date , download the app and post a date .

It’s that simple! And if you are one of the chosen , we will post a voucher out to you for you to spend on that date!

Competition runs till the 30th June and all successful winner will be noticed via email.

Happy Dating and Good Luck!


Originally posted 2018-06-26 18:07:34.

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