Woman of the Week : Carissa Walford


Who: TV Pressenter and music queen at Channel V

Follow: @carissawalford , www.carissawalford.com.au

Why we love her: For her exceptional knowledge in music,down to earth attitude to life and ever changing hair colour. This girl is a breath of fresh air in the industry!


TV presenter  for Channel V

Producer and writer for The Riff

Radio host on Nova and 2day FM

Winner of an Astra Award for her show The Riff for best live entertainment programme.

Top 10 of Miss Universe Australia in  2009

Current businesses/ projects/ jobs:

TV presenter for Channel V ,fashionista , social and TV personality

5 favourite things:

Nutella, my dog Romeo ,massages, music ( collecting vynl) , shoes ( collecting boots and brogues , not heels!)


1: How has your life and relationships changed since becoming an international TV presenter and personality?

They have changed dramatically and my relationships are still changing. I give a lot to my friends and family and with a busy schedule you really see who has the time to give back to you. I like to conserve my energy for people who give me the same amount of love and friendship back. I have a tough time with letting people go, but at the end of the day the right people will stick around in the end.

2: Do you find it hard to juggle a high profile career and love life?

I haven’t really found it hard to be honest. I keep my personal life pretty separate and I don’t find people are interested in it which is a good thing. Juggling schedules etc. can be difficult at time but over the years I’ve learnt quality time with my BF is better then going to another event.

3: Who has been the biggest influences for you?

I have a life coach and I see a healer so it’s professionals like that, that really help me and push me. They are on the outer in a way, so their perspective on my life is influential and it a makes you see things differently. I love and look up to my mum and have some great girlfriends in the industry who inspire me every day as well.

4: How do you handle the social and media pressure and the haters?

I used to have a tough time with social media, keeping up with it and feeling like I need to share everything but I slowly realised who I am as a person and as a personality and was able to separate the two. I tried to go down the blogger approach which isn’t me, but now I stay true to the things I love and focus on sharing my life as a Host/ambassador and all the fun stuff in between. It sounds simple but if you are true to yourself and in tune with who you are everything else flows naturally.

5: What is your biggest challenge to date and how do/did you combat it?

Over sharing personal information in the work place ;everyone knew my business and it’s because I shared it. I did feel like because I am a very open person people assumed I would talk about anything and everything and it started to become invasive and caused me anxiety. I learnt to set boundaries and have people treat me like everyone else in the office. There’s a stigma that if your an outgoing presenter on TV  you can be interrogated about anything from anyone.

6: Do you think there is more pressure on women than men in society?

I think so, in different situations this can be true but I feel we are slowly moving with the times on this front.

7: How do you keep yourself from being swept up in the hype?

I’ve always been someone who would down play my achievements and that’s kept me really level headed. When I was 23/24 I was a bit more in the clouds and got caught up in the hype of the industry but as quick as it started was as quick as it ended!

8: Where do you get your self -value from?

I think my family help with my self-value but you can only teach and love yourself from within. It takes years to really love yourself and I’m still in the process, but I find meditation helps level me out and keeps me centered and clear.

9: The key to happiness is……….

Learning to ride the wave and trust in the present. Happiness is in the moment. If you are grateful for all your blessing you can truly be happy even if it means you aren’t rich and famous. Those are the most unhappy people anyway 😉

10: What would you say to anyone wanting to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry?

If you believe you can do it, DO IT! Don’t stop until you get your dream job. Do one thing a day that gets you closer and closer to where you want to me. Work hard, and master your skills so you are at the top of your game. Don’t take it too seriously and separate work from real life.



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