Woman of the Week: Christie Whitehill

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Who: Girlboss, entrepreneur, technical wonder woman and all rounder high achiever!

Why we love her: For her awesome attitude and positivity to life and for lifting up and celebrating other women and their dreams.


Instagram: @ChristieWhitehill @poppyrenegade @hatchinglab

Twitter: @MsCWhitehill @poppyrenegade @hatchinglab


Founder of Technology Company Hatching Lab

Hatching Lab was a finalist in the 2014 Australian Startup Awards and has hatched multiple applications including: Fancied, voted number 1 dating app in Australia by FAMOUS Magazine, Shoestring Top 10 Startup Finalist and 2013 Finalist in the Australian Mobile Awards. We’ve been featured in: The Sydney Morning Herald, Startup Daily, Financial Review, Herald Sun, MX, Mamamia just to name a few.

Co-founder of Poppy Renegade

Current businesses/ projects/ jobs:

Hatching Lab – We’re currently developing a number of innovative applications for corporates and entrepreneurs.

Co-founder and Director of Poppy Renegade – launching in just a couple of weeks!

5 favourite things:

Helping people make their business ideas come to life at Hatching Lab

Learning and reading about personal development

Reformer Pilates

My husband

Thai food and a chilled rose


1: What is your biggest challenge and greatest achievement to date?

The biggest challenge I have faced would have been starting a business in a field I knew nothing about (Tech!) and it was quite costly! It started with my first app idea, I had raised quite a bit of funding, had a $700K deal on the table with a national media company and it all fell apart at the last minute. Although that was extremely tough times, from that challenge came my biggest achievement, Hatching Lab. Through that experience I built an expert team and we now help non-tech entrepreneurs and corporates’ build and launch innovative technology.

2: Who inspires you daily ?

The entrepreneurs we get to work with inspire me. I love seeing people take a chance, believe in themselves and strive to make a change in the world through innovation.

My family and my friends are all amazing too.

3: What do you think is vital to any relationship?

Communication. To be a good communicator you need to understand your values and the other persons, and secondly know how to control your emotions.

4: Do you come up against any gender discrimination in your field of work?

Women are the minority in the tech industry. It is still a bit of a boys club, which can turn women off from entering into this field.

5: How do you handle the social and media pressure and the haters?

So far I haven’t had to experience any pressure or haters, which is nice .

6: Where does your value come from?

I think values are driven by your own personal voids. One of my voids is not feeling smart enough so I’m always out to prove I can achieve anything I put my mind to!

7: What advice would you give to women wanting to pursue big dreams?

Believe in yourself. Go with your gut. Only follow what you really believe in. Sometimes saying no is the best option.

8: What do you think women need more of nowadays?

More -> Self-confidence is really important. Less -> Spending time on social media can play a big part in how you can feel about yourself. Women need to be aware of their thoughts and feelings as they scroll through social feeds and be sure to remember to not compare their perception of someone else’s life to their own.

9: What are you tips to a successful marriage?

Communication – Everyone has a different love language, so understanding your partners values and voids will help you communicate better.

Chemistry – It’s a long road with the one person so ensure you have plenty of chemistry and be willing to keep spicing it up as you go!

Let them be them –  Don’t try and change someone it will never work out. We’re not meant to be with someone just like us. Complimentary opposites is what makes the best team.

10: Any last bits of advice on love and life?

Always aim for happy. Everything else will fall into place after that.

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