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Who: Founder and designer of Sheridyn Fisher Swimwear, model, actor , business woman and animal lover.

Follow: @sheridynfisher @sheridynswim

www.sheridynswim.com.au | www.sheridyn.com

Why we love her: For her sensitive soul, kind heart, amazing swimwear and positive attitude!

I would say my biggest are being a business woman, art director and modelling for companies all over the world and being able to create a career and life that I wanted to live against despite having a tough child hood. Sometimes believing in yourself is the biggest achievement you can accomplish.

Current businesses/ projects/ jobs:
I work a few thats for sure. Not only modelling myself and directing shoots for other companies, but also working as the creative designer for my swimwear company Sheridyn Swim and now, opening another online fashion store with my husband in between acting projects. Typical Gemini

5 favourite things:
My husband, family, Friends, my animals and Yoga.



1: How long have you been with your husband for?
We met when we were in High School, he was my brother’s best friend, so more than half my life now. We have been together for over 10 years, he is my best friend, my soul mate, my business partner, we work together daily and get along so well. The best thing I have ever done has been able to spend my life growing with someone I not only look up to, but love everything about. He is honestly one of the funniest, genuine people I have ever met, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.

2: Some might say you married quite young, how do you protect your relationship from the lime light?
Life is such an individual journey for everyone, and you know yourself what’s right for you and at what time. We had been engaged for almost 7 years, and to be honest, I think timing couldn’t have been better. We were kids when we got together, and we have both grown so much together, mentally, spiritually and emotionally and we have been through it all. Our wedding was a celebration of that and the person I was when I walked down the aisle I feel was the person I wanted to be when I got engaged and it took a long time to get there. I’m glad we didn’t rush things, it really made it more special.
I think our relationship is “protected” from the “lime light” because it’s real and genuine and we put each other first. Kyle is just so down to earth and not really fazed by any of it, and we keep our private life private to an extent. I think if people use their relationship for the purpose of getting attention or something other than just having a loving, real relationship they are always going to have problems especially in the “lime light”.

3: How has being in a committed relationship/ marriage effected your life, business and profile?
I think being someone who doesn’t have or want a lot of controversy or stays away from drama gives people less to talk about. I think a lot of people choose to hide their relationship from the media / social media because they think that not coming across “available” will take away from their profile. I know a lot of people in similar positions don’t want their relationship public and I respect that, as I do see comments on my profiles when I post images of Kyle and I saying “oh she is taken, unfollow” but for me personally, I don’t mind at all. Kyle comes first, I’m not going to not share our relationship just because men will unfollow me, for me it isn’t about that.

4: What do you think women should be looking for in a man/ life partner?
Someone with the same moral values, someone who can genuinely make you smile, someone who you want to be around and share your life with. I think the foundation of a good relationship starts them being willing to grow together because we are always growing and being on the same page.

5: Who has been the biggest influences for you in your life?
Growing up it was my Nonna, she was such a beautiful, kind, selfless soul and someone I adored and admired. I also looked up to other strong women not necessarily in the “lime light” but just inspiring energies. The kind of people when your around them, they make you feel like you can do or achieve anything. Positive, caring people. I like to surround myself with people I aspire to be like as you are influenced by the people you hang around most.

6: What do you think is the most empowering thing for a woman to know/do?
To know her value as a person and self- worth. To practice methods that help you commemorate this, and surround yourself with people and things that help you implement this in your life, because saying and doing are two different things and in this day and age, life is busy, it can be chaotic making it easy to forget. I make sure that the spare time I have I’m doing something to help me remember these things, catching up with like- minded people who inspire me, practicing Yoga or meditation or doing things that help me re-energise and remember this.

7: How do you balance out work and love?
I’m not going to lie, it can be difficult. But I think the word here is balance. Remembering to breathe, doing what you can. The hardest thing to learn is that things can wait. There is no point in working yourself so hard if you’re working yourself into being mentally incapable, which in turn will affect your whole life. Giving yourself that time for your partner, making time to do something or nothing. Turning off your phone and being in the present moment with your partner. Also finding something that each of you can do a part I think is important, whether it be a sport, a hobby for example Kyle plays Ice Hockey twice a week and I will use that time to do Yoga, paint and just switch off. I think it’s important to take some time when you can for yourself so when you are with each other you can be their completely.

8. What are the pressures of being in the spotlight? How do you combat them?
I think there is a constant pressure these days, especially socially to be doing more and constantly being the best version of yourself. “Social” media especially I think sometimes can be the worst, people are constantly showing what they choose to show, beautiful images, constant travel, perfect bodies and in turn putting pressure on people to think they aren’t being that way then they aren’t achieving anything. Showing people the highlighted aspects of your life put an unrealistic pressure on everyone, myself included, to think that people have to be a certain way to fit in. I am constantly feeling torn and always questioning what I share and what people especially young women will think and feel about themselves in doing so. Whether you like it or not, if you’re in the “spotlight” and put yourself out there and have a “following” you are going to influence people and I think that’s something people in the “spot light” need to consider. Always be yourself, but be mindful of what you’re sharing.

9: What advice do you have for women wanting to be entrepreneurs?
Always believe in yourself, if you really want something, you have to go for it. I was told my entire career and even to this day “no” and “you can’t, you will never” and if I listened to all those people instead of myself I would not be living the life I wanted to live, and it is your life. If you want something, you have to go get it. Work hard and get it.

10: Lastly any tips on marriage or love for our readers?
I think to always remind yourself that no one is perfect, yourself included. This is all our first time at life, we are going to make mistakes, and it’s what we do after we make them that’s important. Also to listen, apologise, try and see the other person’s point of view and talk to each other.

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