Woman of the Week – Taryn Williams

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Who: Founder and #GIRLBOSS of Wink modelling agency, fitness lover and style queen.

Follow: @tarynwilliams @winkmodels  Wink Models, The Right.Fit , Taryn Williams

Why we love her: For her discipline, strength and determination. And for pioneering a way for women in the business world!


B&T Top 30 under 30 Nominee 2015

Smart Company Hot 30 under 30 2013

Current businesses/ projects/ jobs:

Director of Wink Models

Involved in numerous charity projects including St Vincents CEO sleep out, Shine & Dine, Starlight Foundation, Tour De Cure & many more.

5 favourite things: 

Achieving goals


The feeling when you’ve finished a great workout

My team

Any book Hunter S Thompson has ever written



1: As a successful business woman, what would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in life and love?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be decisive. Make decisions quickly, and move forward, and always keep learning. I think it’s something that is applicable to both business & love – to keep progressing, not to stagnate, and don’t continue in a situation that isn’t working, make a decision and change things. Always continue to evolve, personally and professionally.


2: How do you balance your business and your love life?

At the moment, my company is quite all consuming, so it does make it difficult to make time for a personal life. I do try to allocate time where I can when dating… even if that means just seeing each other for dinner after a long day at the office, or squeezing in a quick work out before work.


3: Why do you think women are settling down much later in life?

I really think the opportunities women have now in their careers, combined with further education, the opportunity to travel, etc. have all combined to mean both men & women tend to settle down later in life now. This of course isn’t a hard & fast rule for everyone, and maybe there is an element of selfishness & instant gratification expectation to our generation that means we’re less inclined to commit to relationships or to perhaps put our career or friends first… I’m not an expert on these topics, but that’s a few factors from my experience I think would be of influence to the age people are selecting to marry/settle down.


4: Do you think there is any danger in the woman being the breadwinner in a relationship?

In my personal experience, it hasn’t been an issue. I think in any relationship, finances can be a sensitive topic, and one that needs to be handled with emotional maturity & sensitivity. Both parties need to feel secure in what they bring to the relationship, which is a lot more about pure finances than it is about contributing time, energy, support, etc.

5: What qualities do you look for in a life partner?

Intelligence, humility, compassion, ambition, drive, verve. And patience – because god knows I don’t possess that virtue!


6: In modern age dating, what do you think is the biggest challenge?

Finding time outside of busy schedules to meet someone I think is a huge challenge for a lot of millennials. 


7: The most important thing for a woman to understand is…

Themselves! You can’t be a great partner to someone else if you’re not self -aware and self -confident.


8: Do you think fairy tales are unrealistic or does romantic love still exist?

Fairy tales are inherently unrealistic – that’s why they’re stories! That said, I do think love exists in a variety of different styles & expressions, and romance certainly isn’t dead.


9: What advice do you have for women wanting to be entrepreneurs?

Surround yourself with people who are incredibly skilled, talented & diversely skilled. I love the saying ‘If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room’. Find people to challenge you, inspire you & help you on what is an incredibly challenging but rewarding journey.


10: Lastly any tips on marriage or love for our readers?

I’m the least qualified person to give marriage advice! But I think, in general, learn to be a great communicator and this is a skill that will help you not only in your love life, but in your personal & business relationships across the board.

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