Woman of the Week : Melissa Ambrosini


Who: Self- help guru, best selling author of “Mastering Your Mean Girl” , entrepreneur  , keynote speaker and goddess!

Why we love her:  For her fearless and positive attitude to life and her mission to help every other woman feel the same way.

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Marrying my husband,

Becoming a step mama.

Mastering my Mean Girl.

Birthing my book into the world.

Current businesses/ projects/ jobs:

Current business – Author. Speaker. Self Love Teacher.

Current projects – Mastering Your Mean Girl international book launch and tour.

5 favourite things:

My husband

My step son

Mother Nature

Meditation and yoga

Cooking with my darling man


1: What is your biggest challenge and greatest achievement to date?

My biggest challenge is mastering my Mean Girl. It’s a choice I make moment to moment — sometimes I’m brilliant at it, and sometimes it takes more awareness, but it’s always worth it.

My biggest achievements are marrying my husband, becoming a step muma and birthing my book, Mastering Your Mean Girl, out into the world.

2: Who influences and inspires you daily?

My husband always inspires me — his commitment to mindfulness, his giant heart, his generosity of spirit… He blows my mind every day. I’m also constantly inspired by  my soul-sisters — the way they stand up for what they believe in, live their truth, and lovingly master their Mean Girls. I truly am surrounded by an epic bunch of people!

3: What do you think is vital to achieving happiness?

Master your inner Mean Girl and you will live a life bursting with happiness.

4: What is your advice for women wanting to start a new venture or dream?

Master your Mean Girl first. If you don’t, you are opening yourself up to some very nasty internal dialogue, which makes it pretty much impossible to pursue your big vision.

5: What do you think is the biggest challenge in dating and relationships nowadays?

Expectations are a biggie. So many people place loads of expectations on the other person to act in a certain way, and fulfill certain needs. But a true relationship is where two people who are already whole and complete, come together to share their completeness. When that happens, the connection soars to a new level, and the experience is nothing short of divine.

6: How do you balance your career and marriage?

It’s a constant dance, but the truth is, I don’t actually strive for balance — because there’s no such thing! Honestly, there aren’t many times when my career and marriage are perfectly balanced. There are times — like now, when I am in the middle of an international book launch and tour — that my work requires more of me. Then there are times — like when my husband is filming his music videos — that he needs more of me. So I pivot and dance between the two, and always try to respect the ebb and flow… Striving for perfect balance makes me go cray-cray!

7: Where does your value come from?

Within. I mean, I’m constantly trying to provide value to my tribe and my readers, to be generous of spirit in my relationships, to give of myself to the world… But I believe that for all of us, our true worth lies within — it’s not dependent on our contributions or achievements; we’re all precious and valuable right here, right now, just as we are.

8: What do you think are the most important qualities in a healthy relationship?

Trust. Honesty. Crystal clear communication.

9: What do you think women need more of in life?

Joy. Play. Adventure. Deep roaring laughter.

10:  What piece of advice would you give to your younger self (if you could go back in time)?

If I could go back in a time machine, I would tell my younger self that I don’t need to be like anyone else, I don’t need to beat myself up, and I am perfect exactly the way I am 😉

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