Woman of the Week : Samantha Jayne

sam jayne

Who: Matchmaker, entrepreneur, yoga lover , mother and wife

Why we love her : For her heart for romance and women to find a true love they deserve.

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– Launching www.samanthajayne.com.au
– Invited to the Golden Key society for scholars and academics in the top 15% worldwide during my studies at university
– What is most important is my family, we have a blended family and are very much like the Brady bunch it works beautifully. LOVE IT!
I now take the time out to enjoy the simple things and I have so much balance.

Current businesses/ projects/ jobs:
I’m a relationship expert, matchmaker and dating coach.
5 favourite things:
– My husband and my 3-year-old daughter Evie, these two people just light up my life with happiness and love.
– Friends and family, they are everything, I love to laugh and connect.
– I love yin yoga, followed by a massage, if you want to feel zen this is a treat!
– I love delicious food, nourishing my body with a beautiful seafood meal followed by homemade sugar chocolate and macadamia nut ice-cream
– My job! I feel so blessed to work with such incredible individuals

1: What motivated you to enter into the dating and match making industry?
I’m a romantic, and a carer. I love to make a difference to other people’s lives and it was very early on that I discovered I had a special gift of knowing who was right for each other. Before I became a matchmaker I had tonnes of successful relationships and marriages under my belt.
It was then that I left behind the world of science and took a leap of faith and set up blue label life and became certified by the matchmaking institute of New York. Since then I have progressed to become an internationally accredited coach and NLP practitioner. I love working with women and helping them get into their gorgeous feminine space so they can have it all, career and love!
2: What was the best piece of relationship/dating advice you were ever given?
Get out of your head and into your heart. Forgive, always live life with integrity, honesty and value the special people around you. If you follow this philosophy everything always works out.
3: What do you think is vital to achieving happiness?
Happiness starts from within. A stillness, a comfort with being alone and an appreciation for all things, even the things that have been challenging if you look at them as a gift that help you define what you really want then that is happiness.
Dr Wayne Dyer has an incredible movie called the shift, if you see how he wakes up, it’s beautiful he starts the day with saying, “thank you, thank you, thank you” he always saw the beauty in things.
Look for the beauty in things and be grateful.
4: Why do you think women are wanting to engage in a matchmaking service rather than just a normal online dating site?
I think the biggest part about matchmaking is the support. The women I meet are successful, they are busy, they have great careers yet they are missing that incredible relationship. They want an educated man they can rely on, someone to build a future with and with matchmaking there is so much more privacy.
Seeing a matchmaking is like having a friend how knows you well, and she has an incredible network of successful men who want love. A matchmaker will tell you the truth about a man’s intentions because she sees his patterns and how he treats other women. It’s the insider knowledge and the results happen very fast. Now that is where the magic is!
5: What do you think is the biggest challenge in dating and relationships nowadays?
Women are so busy, they have to be so strong at work and go go go and unfortunately this seeds into their personal relationships with men. As a result, there is a gender confusion happening where women are frustrated because they want a man stronger than they want and men want a woman who makes them feel like a man. In order for the dynamic to be successful women must tap into their feminine energy around men which brings out the more masculine side in him.
There are also other factors such as limited time with such busy schedules and the oversupply of opportunities which leads to the paradox of dating. When there is too much choice people slip into overwhelm and nothing happens. Eg if you were to go to the store to buy a pair of shoes and the assistant came out and offered you 100 pairs you would be overwhelmed and probably walk out with none as opposed to if the assistant brought you 3 amazing pairs that were perfectly suited you would walk away with the best pair!
6: How do you balance your business and marriage/ private life?
It’s all about priorities. Time is something that is so valuable and no amount of money will ever bring that back to you. It’s important not to make life all about work and to enjoy what you do so it feels more like play. I always make special time for my husband and family on the weekends and at night. We don’t watch much TV which gives us ample time to spend together. We share similar interest which makes it really enjoyable such as heading off to the gym, getting to the beach and enjoying the outdoors. I’m very lucky I’m married to my best friend.
7: What do you think women need more of?
They need to tap into their feminine energy. When a woman taps into her feminine energy she becomes so powerful, and men flock to her. This is what I specialise in teaching my clients. Be more of a goddess!
8: What are the top 3 things that you think a healthy marriage or relationship needs?
– Time for the simple things so that you can connect with each other.
– Honesty, integrity and being kind and understanding and supporting
– Fun! Being playful, will keep the spark up as will taking time out for you.
9: What exciting projects do you have coming up?
THE HUSBAND PROJECT! – “MY exclusive program for women who want to attract and marry the man of their choice”.

10: What piece of advice would you give to your younger self (if you could go back in time)?
Ditch the bad boys and appreciate the good men that treat you nicely, snap up the latter!
Be kind to yourself and appreciate the simple things, gratitude will change your life.

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