Woman of The Week : Sophie Hughes

Who : Entrepreneur , living organ donor , beauty model , leader and social media queen.
Why we love her: For her fearless and generous attitude towards life. For her relentless pursuit of happiness and her dreams . And for encouraging other women to love themselves and build their dream life as well.
I have a first class honours degree in Psychology, I put my heart and soul into my degree and achieved the highest grade possible.
I am a living liver donor. In May 2016 I donated part of my liver to save my nephews life; I think this will always be my biggest achievement no matter what I go on to create in my life.
Current Projects:
I run a social media based business “Business Bombshells” helping women to create an income online. We currently have almost 200 women all over the world building their empires and smashing goals; with some serious girl gang vibes thrown in.
5 favourite things: 
Pilates, Coffee, Kittens, swimming in the ocean, laughing with the people I love.


1:  What has been your biggest challenge to overcome in life?

 There’s definitely been a few. For 26 I’ve had a few hurdles to jump through but I am grateful for every single one. Moving to Australia on my own at the age of 22 was incredibly testing, I had to learn very quickly to be fiercely independent and it’s made me the woman I am today. I was also brutally attacked less than a year into my arrival and every bone in my body told me to go home and give up; I stayed and created an incredible life for myself.

2: How do you stay so motivated daily?

 I have a really clear vision, I know where I want to be and I know how to get there. If I feel demotivated I reset and focus on my vision, I think about how I’ll feel if I don’t make my dreams a reality. I want to live a HUGE life and the only person standing in the way of that is me.

3: What are the 3 most important qualities that you look for in a partner?

 The first quality would have to be trust. If you don’t have trust you have nothing, it’s the basic foundation for a relationship and it helps you stay resilient and united when times are tough.
The second is positivity. I make a conscious effort every day to be a positive person, I couldn’t be with a negative partner as it would drag me down, I need a man who sees the best in everything and encourages me to do the same.
The third quality I look for in a partner is ambition. I am extremely ambitious, I have huge goals and dreams and I need someone who can keep up.

4: What do you think is vital to a healthy and strong relationship?

 Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, if you can’t communicate then small issues become “end of relationship” size issues. I also think it’s really important to understand the ways in which your partner feels loved. My love language is quality time and so is my partners, so I know that if I don’t make time for him he’s not going to feel loved and secure.

5: What do women need more of nowadays?

 Women need more self belief, every day I meet women who don’t believe they are capable. One of my biggest aims in life is to lead the way and show women that they can have whatever they set their heart on.

6:  As a business woman, what would you say to any woman wanting to step out and create her own business?

 I would say you are capable. You are worthy and you are deserving. I would also encourage them to look in the mirror and say those statements to themselves. Starting my own business has allowed me to grow into the woman I’ve always wanted to be, take a leap of faith and don’t look down.

7:  How can women cultivate self-love?

Self love is so important, written on my vision board I have the phrase “WOMAN FIRST. BUSINESS SECOND”. This is to remind me that I have to look after myself first. For me this means spa days, girly lunches and not feeling guilty for taking a “me day”. You will be a better lover, wife, mother if you inject a little self love into your life.

8: What would be your dating tip to women looking for love?

 My biggest dating tip would be to not let the world make you hard, go out into the dating scene with an open heart and an open mind. There are so many incredible men out there with the same morals and values as you, but if you have your guard up you might just miss them.

9:  What does success mean/ represent to you?

Success to me is being happy. It’s not about money or objects it’s about being true to myself and loving the life that I live. As long as the people I love are healthy and provided for, and I wake up every day with a grateful heart, then I am wildly successful.

10:  What is one piece of advice you would give your younger self if you could go back in time?

I would tell her to embrace every failure, every heart break, every tear because one day it will all make sense. I’d tell her she’s on the right path and to be true to herself, stand up for what she believes in, kiss the boys and drink the champagne!

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