Should We Be Worried About Sex Robots?

Should we be worried about sex robots?

It’s not exactly a question that I thought I would be asked …yet in the 21st century nothing surprises me anymore.

We can’t deny that technology is having a huge impact on dating and relationships. This goes beyond dating apps and online dating and even social media. The manufacturing of human like sex robots has taken everything to a whole new scary level.

It’s a subject that has been floating around in the media for the last few weeks and I decided to do a video about it , because it’s important to ask the real questions and address something that is not normal. Although most people would argue what normal is nowadays anyway?!

What are your thoughts? Watch the video and leave me a comment …as you’ll see there are debates happening already! And don’t forget if you have a question for #askRenee to email me in at :

Should We Be Worried About Sex Robots #askRenee


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