Would you swipe right on an AI dating profile?

Would you swipe right?

Over the years, dating apps have become increasingly popular because of meeting other individuals with ease and convenience.

With the comfort that dating apps provide, users create profiles that can boost their desirability through creating a persona by including filtered photos, carefully crafted bios, and feeds.

However, there is a risk that the person you have “matched” with online isn’t a real person at all but rather an AI-generated profile.

In a recent study, UNSW Sydney surveyed more than 1,000 single individuals who were shown dating profiles of completely made-up people from their faces, identities, and even their words.

Nonetheless, even with words and identities strategically crafted by artificial intelligence technology, is it possible to point out a fake profile that seems too perfect to be true?

Well, according to the study, 62% of respondents would swipe right on an AI-generated profile.

In comparison, 43% of the singles reported that the AI-generated singles profiles looked authentic and were highly attractive. With nearly half of the singles surveyed intrigued by the fake profiles, this shows that modern technology can and will trick the most avid dating app user into believing everything they see or read. 

Interestingly, 15 % of the singles that stated they would swipe right on an AI-generated dating profile said that they would not swipe right on themselves.

The study does not go into detail as to why they would not swipe right on themselves.

However, one can assume that these singles do not believe that they are either attractive or charming enough to find a significant other on dating sites, of which 65% are looking for authentic relationships.

This proclaims that individuals on dating sites focus more on finding perfection, even if it’s by a machine, rather than seeing what is real. 

Although dating sites can be filled with “fake” personas and profiles, they are a good reminder to appreciate what is real. Yes, “perfection” is attractive, but that can hinder individuals from finding the love they deserve.

Therefore, be careful of who and why you match with a person because they are not always who they appear to be. 


Go on an Adventure With Michael


Swipe Right on Albert the Academic


Sing Your Heart Out With Colin


Barhop With Becca


Hang Around With Aimee

Geek Out With Lydia


The Future of Online Dating?

Let’s consider this study to be a word of caution as you search the world of online dating to find your match: The person you’re talking to may not always be who they say they are. Fake people can seem extremely attractive, as respondents demonstrated. Make sure you stay safe and consider the fact that a person may be exaggerating (or completely fabricating) the truth. That said, the world of online dating does offer plenty of opportunities – it’s just best to be smart about it and obtain knowledge where you can.

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