10 Great Birthday Activities For Him

Birthdays are the happiest times.

Usually, birthday celebrations will be celebrated by people closest to you, ranging from family, couples, to friends. It has become a tradition that those closest to you will surprise your birthday.

However, sometimes we can also run out of ideas when planning surprises for a loved one’s birthday.

For those of you who want to find a surprise birthday idea that is unique and different from others, read below, I have exciting ideas that you can use. Since the primary purpose of giving a surprise is to surprise a birthday person, then you have to make a surprise that is not easy to guess.

  1. “Abduct” and Bring Somewhere

The idea of a surprise birthday is a bit extreme, but the idea of kidnapping a birthday person and taking it to an unexpected place can be a unique surprise idea.

Make sure the place that will be used as the location of the surprise has been appropriately prepared, ranging from decoration to other surprise needs. Next, try to pick him up by closing his eyes.

A new blindfold is opened when you are at the planned place. Guaranteed, he will be surprised when you bring him to an unexpected place that has been setup for his birthday.

To get things to seem more “serious,” you can consult Evengo events UK for this idea.

  1. Hang a Photo on the Balloon

This one can be an exciting idea to give a birthday surprise to girlfriends and friends. To make this kind of shock, you need a helium gas balloon with a long rope to stick to the ceiling.

Next, collect photos of birthday people and print them. Hang pictures on the helium balloons, each balloon carrying one photo. After that, wait until he enters the room that is filled with balloons.

  1. Create Photo Collages with Numbers

It’s not hard to find a surprising idea for a friend’s or boyfriend’s birthday. If you currently have a lot of photos with her birthday, print them on paper. Then, arrange the images into collages in the form of numbers. You can arrange this photo collage on the bedroom wall.

When he finds the surprise results that you give him, he will feel delighted and touched. At the very least, a collage in the form of numbers will remind him how many moments you spend together.

  1. Gather the People Nearby

As one of the closest people to a boyfriend or friend who will have a birthday, you surely know that he has several most intimate friends. Well, what if the idea of a birthday surprises this time is to gather the people closest to him? Who also has the same birthday date?

You have to gather the people closest to him in a place. When he arrived at the home where his guest is and the people closest to him are there already waiting, for sure, he will be surprised. Birthday moments like this will surely not be forgotten by him for life.


  1. Create a Video Greeting with Friends

Writing greeting cards doesn’t seem to be in season anymore in this digital era. To give a simple but memorable birthday surprise with a low budget, try making a birthday greeting video from his friends.

To make this video, you must get a video recording of each of his friends greeting him a happy birthday. Next, combine each piece of video into one whole video. On his birthday, send the video to him. Look at how surprised your spouse or best friend is to get a video greeting from his friends.

  1. Decorate the Personal Vehicle

Confused looking for a birthday surprise idea for a friend or boyfriend? If he has his vehicle, decorate the car quietly. You can pretend to borrow the keys to the car for personal reasons.

To decorate a car, you can add the interior with a few balloons. On a motorcycle, you can use ribbons and put photos of birthdays on the body of the bike.

  1. Look for Treasures

Create a birthday surprise this time more exciting by playing adventures in search of treasure. A surprise like this requires your skill in doing puzzles so that the game becomes more interesting.

Ask him to look for clues in various places. Every evidence that he finds will lead him to find the gift you have provided. This treasure search idea is a fascinating birthday surprise. He is also challenged to find a gift that you have provided quickly.


  1. Make Him Angry

Old but gold, that’s what is right to describe this type of surprise. The idea of a surprise birthday is quite easy to do. It would be best if you made him upset and angry for the previous few weeks. If necessary, ignore him so he will be even more annoyed.

When his birthday arrives, give her the best surprise. For example, giving gifts in the form of things he wants, making a small party for him, and bringing a birthday cake for him. The surprise that you make becomes more memorable because he doesn’t think you have prepared everything.

  1. Late Surprise

Giving birthdays a surprise right at midnight is a common thing for most people to do. However, this time make your surprise more different by deliberately giving a late surprise. Just let him wait for a surprise from you until late at night and will change the date.

Before her birthday changes, come to her place and bring a special gift. He must have thought you didn’t come that day and was surprised to find you were in front of his house.


  1. Go to the place he dreams of

Your friend or boyfriend has a place he dreams of visiting? It’s time to save to bring him to that place. Guaranteed, he will be pleased to receive this surprise!

Here are unique birthday surprise ideas for friends, girlfriends, or family. Make sure you choose a surprise that suits the available budget.

If you want to add another birthday surprise idea, please write down your idea in the comment’s column: the more birthday surprise ideas, the more festive the birthday of the person closest to you.

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