10 Places To Meet Great Guys

I asked a bunch of awesome single women what their biggest challenge was when it came to dating…

And was seriously surprised at how many said ‘there’s just no decent guys out there.’  Now let me set the record straight, before I met my partner I’d certainly kissed my share of frogs, freaks & geeks, but I’ve also met, dated and am friends with heaps of loving, respectful honouring and emotionally available men!


So it got me thinking, if my reality is showing me that there isheaps of great guys out there, then just where does this idea come from?


As I sat there pondering how I could help dispel this belief, it hit me! ‘Hang on a second, there was actually a point that you used to believe there were no good men out there yourself!’ 


In fact, I was so bored with the guys I was meeting I wrote a song about it! Ha! But that’s another story.  The point is, when I looked back at myself through the eyes I had at the time, I realised I was going to places that weren’t really in alignment with who I was and my core value system, yet hoping I would meet someone randomly that was right for me.


It wasn’t until I started learning what was truly important to me and beginning to honour that, I began to meet more incredible men. Why did I think they were incredible? Because they were like me. They valued similar things, they were in my conversation and they shared my worldview, philosophies and visions for the future.


Now of course I’m not saying chance encounters don’t happen, but the odds of meeting someone who’s a match for you are so much lower when your environment is random. So if you are wanting to meet the ‘one’ what I can recommend is 10 places you are much more likely to meet a quality guy just right for YOU.


  1. Like-Minded Meetup Groups

                  Meetups is an online platform that brings like-minded people together to meet-up  (funny that!) There’s all sorts of common threads from activities to shared life philosophies.Whether it’s hiking, creative writing, spirituality or macramé there’s a group for you – and hey if not why not create your own!


  1. Passion/Interest Based Activities & Events

                  Check in with what you’re really into and go to things that light you up, rather than just fill your time.  Join a team or class, not to meet men but that genuinely interests you. Music gigs; Sporting events or teams; Book-clubs, Rock-climbing. Whatever floats your boat, you’ll meet like-minded people and have a great time too.


  1. Courses & Classes

                  Sometimes we get so caught up in the 9-5 we can forget what we like.  Why not do a short course or class that stimulates areas you may not have used for a while. Try art classes,  cooking   classes, creative collectives,  permaculture classes. Meet cool people while you learn cool stuff.


  1. Values Aligned Activities & Events

Time to put your money where your mouth is?  Get proactive about causes that you find yourself getting passionate about in conversation. Go to cause-related rallies, events or  volunteer activities or participate in advocacy groups.Build a school overseas, go to an off-grid retreat, get your human rights activist on!


  1. Lifestyle Festivals, Conferences, Expos & Exhibition

         Immerse yourself in a like-minded festival or conference. One of my clients found her truth and her partner when she decided to become vegan and met her now partner at an animal rights conference.  It doesn’t always have to be that serious though. You could try travel expos, transformational dance parties, sustainable living festivals


  1. Personal or Professional Development Courses, Retreats, Workshops & Seminars

         If you’re interested in personal growth meeting someone on the same path who’s experienced similar life-changing insights can be a beautiful foundation for a next level    relationship and couples who grow together, stay together.


  1. Friends of Friends

         Birds of a feather flock together! What better way to meet than through mutual friends.   Friends like you, because they’re like you. So put yourself out on a limb and ask friends to set  you up. Fill your diary with dinner parties, BBQs and get togethers, especially extended gatherings where you are likely to meet new people.


  1. Places You Like to Go

Keep your eyes open at places you frequent regularly. If you like going there chances are a great guy who has similar lifestyle just might too! Gyms, cafes, bookshops, libraries, your local park are all fab places.


  1. Speed Dating or Singles Events

Get a bit alternative here. Chose quirky events or those aligned with your personality.In Melbourne we have events such as Weed-Dating (the gardening variety), Play-Date, Soulful Connections, Conscious Speed-Dating, Singles Salsa and so much more.


  1. Online & Dating Sites

         There’s no two ways about it, more and more people are meeting online. Just remember some sites are better than others, so do a bit of research to find a platform right for you. Keep in mind, free sites that require minimal effort may attract people who are less likely to put effort in to  having a real relationship. Just like meeting men in a bar, there might be a hundred men not    right for you before you meet one who is, so treat it like that. Have fun, be excited by possibility and don’t get too hung up on ideas of who someone is before you’ve met.


So there you have it. 10 places to meet great men! Enjoy, and remember in life we get what we expect to get, so be open to the possibility of love & meeting someone incredible.


About the Author

Michele Peppler is the Barefoot Queen – A real, raw dating, relationships & lifestyle coach, writer & facilitator.

Founder of Be the Queen to Call in Your King she supports ‘everywoman’ to realize her best self as a woman of high worth by getting real about who she is, what she wants & shows her how to create her life & relationships from this deeper place of truth

Ex corporate & spirit savvy, Michele balances the woo-woo with inspired practical action.  As a result her clients attract soul-aligned friends, lovers & community, have thriving relationships, soul-nourishing lives & meaningful day to day living.

Website: www.bethequeen.com.au


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