12 Simple Ways To Keep Your Relationship Strong

It’s not easy to be in a relationship.

It isn’t something that just magically keeps ticking along.

You and your partner need to work on the relationship. Constantly.

Relationships are a bit like cars.  Instead of having to fix them when they fall apart, why not work on keeping them running well, all the time?

Here are 12 ideas to keep your relationship strong: 


Go To Bed At The Same Time

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Going to bed at the same time will give you a precious few minutes together. Sometimes our days can be so busy, the only time you may get alone with your partner is right before you drift off to sleep.


Switch Off Your Phones

Ah, the dreaded technology. Phones are one of the biggest passion killers of all. Instead of wasting hours scrolling through inane (and let’s face it, likely fake) social media feeds, put your phone down and talk to each other!


Exercise Together

Exercise releases endorphins which make you happy. So what better thing to do with your partner than exercise? Choose something you both enjoy and spend quality time doing it. It doesn’t have to be hitting the gym – look for fun activities like cycling, swimming, rafting or hiking. You can even include the kids, if you want to!

Hug Each Other

Physical contact is so important to all of us. Showing physical affection with a hug, a touch or a kiss can help you both to feel more connected to each other.


Don’t Forget Your Manners

Do you still say please and thank you to your partner? You should. Don’t expect your partner to just do whatever you ask of them. They’ll start to feel like your slave instead of your equal.


Random Acts Of Kindness

When’s the last time you hid a love note in your partner’s lunch, bought them a small gift, or wrote them a silly poem? These little random acts of love help them feel appreciated and wanted.



Relationships are all about compromise. It shouldn’t be your way or the highway – or theirs. When faced with tough decisions (or what movie to watch!), always reach a compromise.


Be Honest

 Honesty is crucial in any relationship. In fact, it’s probably the foundation that all relationships should be built on. Always be honest with each other.


Be Romantic

Never forget to be romantic. You don’t have to be whisked to the Maldives for a 5 star adventure but a bunch of flowers, your favourite takeaway or even just taking care of the kids for a couple of hours to give your partner a break, all help to keep the romance alive.


Make Time For Each Other (Without The Kids Around!)

It’s hard to make time for your partner once you have kids. But remember why you got together in the first place – because you love each other. Your partner should be as a big a priority as your kids, so make time for each other, as often as you can.


Pay Attention

Pay attention to your partner. Don’t dismiss them or their feelings, even if you’re busy. Making them feel like you listen to them will help keep your relationship strong.



Laugh. Every day if you can! Laugh until you cry. Because who can’t be happy when they’re laughing?


About The Author

Ian Shann is the principal mediator and director of Move On. Move On offers affordable and effective mediation in Perth for separating couples.

Ian’s commitment is simple – to help keep separated couples out of the Family Court and minimise their need for lawyers, saving them time, money and anguish.

Under Ian’s guidance, separated couples are able to Move On with their lives through family mediation. Website Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube


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