The 3 Steps To Attracting A Man Who Wants To Stay

Before we even start dating someone, we already want to know if they want the same level of commitment. It’s nothing to feel guilty over or ashamed about and it doesn’t make you desperate.

It’s a simple female desire to be in love with someone who isn’t going to abandon us. No one wants to be heart broken or betrayed and disappointed by the person we have been vulnerable to.

Yet on the other hand we need to make sure that we don’t become so focused on the commitment that we forget about who we are actually committing too.

There has to be a balance between setting a standard and taking a risk.


Learn The 3 Steps To Getting Him To Commit Here


Ideally if we can attract the right type of man then we make the task of dating a whole lot easier. And we lessen out fears of not being on the same page as them.

Now clearly some of you may have experienced “the right type of man” , maybe even married him, and yet years or months later he has left.

It’s scary, because there is never a 100% guarantee that the person you love will love you forever.  I guess that’s why I put so much emphasis on learning to love yourself wholly first (we can never leave us!).

But what I want to do is tell you the 3 ways to attract a man who wants to commit.  But more than anything I want to share with you how to keep him committing to you without any tricks, game playing or deception.

Here they are:


1: Understand what men need in a relationship.

2: Become the most desirable woman he has met by becoming the best version of you.

3: Learn to speak his language.


It sounds so simple. And that’s because it is.

When you can understand how men work and what they need also to feel fulfilled in a relationship, you take yourself a step ahead in the dating game.

Knowledge and clarity brings confidence, it helps to squash fear and it gives you a better sense of direction and judgement.

Ladies, understanding how men work, what they want and how to become a man magnet for the right guy doesn’t have to be a trial and error process.

That’s why I am here. I am here to just give you the stuff you need to know, so that you can get on with building the love life you really want.

Our past negative experiences with men cloud our judgement when it comes to dating and building relationships, hence why we keep repeating the same pattern.

So, if you are ready to really get serious about being with a king…it’s time to understand what kings need, what they respond to and how you can automatically attract one into your life.




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