4 Important Life Lessons You’ll Get From Online Dating

Let’s be real. No matter how much we say that the stigma of online dating is gone, it’s still there. Most people would still perceive that online dating are just for desperate people who need help just to meet people. Even I thought of that before! But boy, I was so wrong. I’ll admit that this form of dating surely has its pros and cons, but in the long run, it’ll give you the  realizations about what you want in a partner and what you can do to improve yourself as a person.


Now let’s start with the lessons that I’ve learned from my first hand experience in online dating. Ready? GO!


Life Lesson #1 Honesty IS the best policy

Everybody has something bad to say about themselves. It’s either that they don’t think of themselves as attractive or interesting enough so they make up something which would give the impression of them being more attractive and interesting than they really are. Well, I’m about to tell you that pretending to be something that you’re not is never good and lying is never a good way to start a relationship.


Don’t be afraid to show who you are. Being confident is something people consider as one of the most attractive qualities. So be true to yourself and to others. Someone is bound to fall inlove with who you really are.


Life Lesson #2 Trust your gut

In relation to Life Lesson #1, you need to be careful who you trust in and out of online dating sites. You can never be sure if someone is being honest or just trying to play around with your  feelings. Just simply trust your instincts. But don’t brush off someone too quickly either.


It is believed that you should go with your gut when making decisions “because more often than not it’ll be right.” But while I was still in the online dating scene, I sometimes shoot down my instincts just because I’m very open to new experiences. I don’t want to miss a thing. Yeah, just like the song.


Life Lesson #3 Be open minded

Once you sign up in an online dating site, you’ll be able to meet people from all corners of the world. Or wherever there’s an internet connection. Be open minded to different nationalities and personalities. On the internet, there is always something new and what came with that are niche dating sites. You’d be surprised at how many are out there right now. If you’re looking for someone in particular like by nationality or interests, niche dating sites are the way to go.


In my online dating adventure, I stumbled into a Filipino dating site. While I was chatting with a guy that I actually liked, I realized that I needed to google some Filipino dating tips because both of us were just too different when it came to sharing things about ourselves, etc.


Just remember, be open minded. Everyone is unique. A little research can be a big help if ever you’re open to niche dating sites.


Life Lesson #4 Good things take time. No need to rush

Signing up in an online dating site doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find “The One” on that exact same day, week, or year. Dating takes time. Just like regular dating, it will require a lot of patience and understanding since you’ll be putting up with a lot of repetition and hardwork. But good things come to those who wait. You just have to be patient. Love will come at the right time.


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Portia Linao is an SEO specialist by day and a writer of love by night. Her habit of writing things about relationships and dating was purely accidental. She hopes to spread love just like she constantly spreads nutella over bananas.

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