5 Ideas for Throwing a Fun but Affordable Bachelorette Party

 bachelorette party ideas

Want to make this bachelorette something to be remembered by?

Your friend is getting married and it is your job to throw her the best bachelorette party ever. The best thing about a bachelorette party is that they can be a great event no matter what the budget. So, don’t let the social media posts of bachelorette parties in the Bahamas make you think that a bachelorette party involves spending a fortune.  

Organizing an affordable bachelorette party can be great fun to oversee as there are so many things you can include without it costing lots of money. Weddings can be expensive enough, so here are a few relatively cheaper options you can consider, to save some money but also have a kick-ass send off for your friend.

Have a Slumber Party 

You can easily organize the ultimate girl’s night in and host a slumber party for your bride-to-be. This will be the ultimate throwback to your teenage years, except this time you can bring some wine to the party! 

A slumber party is simple really. Everyone brings their pajamas and a duvet and you all huddle round to watch your favorite films and celebrate the big event. Remember though, all slumber parties need snacks, so make sure you have plenty of candy and chips on hand to make your night even more enjoyable. You can also get some added extras for the party, but this doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Favors are popular amongst bachelorette parties but this can still be affordable as you don’t have to spend big on the favors

Book a Cooking Class

This is one of the more sophisticated bachelorette party options, but it can be just as fun. Get your girls together and go and sign up for an affordable local cooking class. While it is unlikely that you will come out of the class as the next Michelin starchef, you will have a great time with your girls and all the food you make while you are there, you will get to eat! 

Have a Make Up Party 

Another affordable option for bachelorette party is to throw a make-up party. This could be as simple as getting a few of the girls together and then doing makeovers for each other. But if you fancy treating yourselves then hire a team of local professionals to come around and do it all for you. You can get hair and make-up services that come to your home so you can all relax, chat and laugh while you get pampered. 

You may wish to combine this with a night-out or just as an opportunity for the bride-to-be to try out some of her favorite looks for the big day. 

Go Roller Skating 

This is a more active party option but can be a great way to get some exercise and have some fun with your girls. If there are a few of you going, then make your presence known and get yourselves some matching shirts to wear with the bride’s name on them. 

Host a Karaoke Night 

Who doesn’t love a bit of karaoke? With this option you can either host a sing-along at home with wine and snacks, or you and the girls can take yourselves out to the local karaoke bar and make a night of it. This can be a great way to have some fun and have a laugh with all your favorite girls. Renditions of Shania Twain and Beyoncéclassics are essential! 

There can be a lot of pressure on brides and their maids of honor to spend lots of money on a bachelorette party, but don’t feel obliged to spend a fortune. The whole point of a bachelorette party is to have some fun with your bride-to-be and celebrate her future married life; there are many ways of doing this without breaking the bank. 

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