5 Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship With You

Not sure if he wants to commit?

Here are 5 obvious signs that he doesn’t want a relationship with you because he is someone who doesn’t want a relationship and isn’t willing to commit to a relationship with you.

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Getting a guy to want a relationship with you isn’t always easy . And instead of living in hope of something that may never happen , you have to recognise the obvious signs that he blatantly does not want a relationship with you.

So here they are :

1) He never can commit to anything ( even the small stuff)

2) He avoids social gatherings where you might be seen as a couple.

3) Things are always more about what is convenient for him.

4) He never says “we” or “us”

5) He openly says he isn’t looking for a relationship.

Remember you can’t force someone ( nor should you want to ) to value and commit to you. Some people are just not ready and others are incapable .

If you can recognise the signs early on it will help you to learn who to invest into and whom to walk away from .

Signs He Doesn’t Want A Relationship.

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