5 Tips For A Positive Relationship With Your Teens

The technological advancement has widened the gap between post-millennial kids and millennial parents.

The kids of the digital era have mobile phones, apps, software, gadgets and multiple technologies to get their hands on. They have an entirely different lifestyle than that of their predecessors. This technological gap makes it challenging for parents to establish a strong bond with their offspring. This article provides a few most effective tips and tactics for parents for strengthening the relationship with their teens.

Keep Communication Line Open

Communication plays a significant role in every kind of relationship. Whether it is a relationship of parent-kid or husband-wife, having healthy discussions and conversations put a positive impact on the communicators. Frequent discussions let your kids share their problems with you. Ask them how they spent their day at school or the playground. Also, encourage them to share their online experiences with you.

While the widespread adoption of technology, mobile phones and the internet has made our life convenient, it has also made us have limited time for our families. The working mom and dads, usually, do not have enough time to have a chit-chat with their children in a comfortable environment. Be available for your kids so they can feel more close to you than anyone else.

Be a Good Listener

Parents should play the role of an effective listener when needed. Sometimes, your kids want you to be a listener rather than a critic. They would feel comfortable sharing their problems with you only if you make them comfortable doing so. You must be cool-headed while listening to your children and avoid giving a sudden furious reaction on receiving something unexpected or objectionable from their side. If you won’t listen to them they would find someone else to share their sentiments.

Your children can become a victim of the child predators, pedophiles and sex offenders if you fail to provide them support when they feel isolated. The predators usually target the emotionally sensitive and isolated kids who are in desperate need of support to morally support them. The molesters take advantage of the situation and lure the target by using sugary words, giving them attention and complimenting them. Once the kid gets trapped by the predator, they start exploiting them for the sexual purpose.

It is crucial for parents to listen to their depressed and isolated kids and try to make them feel happy and gratified. If your kid would find a friend in you, he/she would never seek the support of anyone else.

Make Technology-Free Outdoor Plans

The smartphones have extended the gap between parents and kiddos. Today’s teens spend most of their waking hours sticking to their mobile phones updating their social media profiles and surfing on the internet. The excessive mobile phone use can make them more vulnerable to the online threats including bullying, child molestation and sexting. Though there are mobile phone monitoring appsenabling parents to keep track of their kids’ cell phone activities, it is equally significant to plan outdoor activities for your kids in mobile-free zones. Plan family trips and encourage your kids to enjoy their lives without using their smartphones and the internet. It will provide more time for parents and kids to enjoy the company of each other and strengthening their relationship.

Set Rules

Rules help a lot if implemented and executed appropriately. Compile a list of rules to be implemented by all of your family members in and outside the home. Make rules about your kids’ time spent inside and outside the home. Set their bedtime, playing time, and time for using the internet and social media platforms. For example, you can restrict kids from staying outside the home or going online after 9 pm. Limit their screen time by not allowing them to use mobile phones in their beds or at the dining table. Make rules for driving the internet and vehicles safely and responsibly. Make sure the rules you make should be followed by kids and adults without any discrimination. You can also decide rewards and penalties on following and breaking the rules. It would encourage your kids to be rule followers.

Be Role Model

The kids take notice of the things you do more than what you say. You cannot compel your kids to follow your words in your absence but you can make them follow the actions they witness. Act the way you want your kids to act. Be a role model for your children and demonstrate positive actions and practices. When it comes to mobile phones and technology, parents are responsible to demonstrate the responsible and appropriate use of the machinery. For instance, if you bring your official work to dining tables and check your emails while talking to your kids, it would make your kids to repeat the same practices.

Hope these guidelines would be helpful in making a positive relationship with your teens. Keep visiting us for getting more tips and tricks regarding relationships.

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