5 Ways Distance Can Strengthen Your Relationship

Can long distance make your love stronger?

You’ve heard the old adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, but when you find out that your relationship is going to go the long distance route, you can’t help but wonder if the saying is actually true.

When most couples are about to embark on long distance, they worry that the miles will extinguish their spark. If you’re worried about what the future will hold for your long distance relationship, we have some really good news for you: it turns out that couples who live apart can actually experience more intimacy, commitment, and connection than couples who are together all the time. Yes, research has shown that distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

Here’s a look at some of the ways distance can actually strengthenyour relationship

It Confirms Your Commitment

If there’s one thing that being separated can do for your relationship it’s testing your devotionfor each other. If you’re in a long distance relationship, the commitment you have for one another is pretty obvious. Your decision to be involved with each other is active, not something that you just happen to fall into because of convenience or habit (which happens to a lot of couples who aren’t separated).

You have to put more effort into your relationship, which constantly shows your commitment to each other. In other words, when you are long distance, you’re more devoted than you would be if you saw each other every day.

You Communicate Better

Communication is such an important element for any relationship, and when you’re long distance, you become expert communicators. Talking on the phone, video chatting, emails, snail mail, text messages; communication is the foundation of a long distance relationship. And the more you communicate, the more effective you become at it. Studies have actually found that long distance couples have much better communication skills than couples who see each other daily.

It Strengthens Intimacy

A lot of people assume that distance wrecks havoc on intimacy; however, research studies have found that being farther apart and not seeing each other regularly can make couples more intimate.

Long distance couples tend to develop more powerful and intimate bonds with one another than couples who live close to each other. Why? – Because when you actually do get to be together, you truly relish one another. Plus, you tend to disclose more about yourself when you are far apart, which is thanks to the fact that you are expert communicators.

You Don’t Lose Sight of Yourself

When couples spend too much time together, they tend to stifle themselves, which then stifles the growth of their relationship. Ultimately, couples are together all the time, they can get board of one another and their relationship quickly.

When you’re long distance, you have the chance to really focus on you and your relationship, which can make you appreciate each other even more and make your bond even more powerful. Believe it or not, one of the most important things you can do for your relationship is maintain a life outside of it, and being long distance allows you to do just that.

Your Sex Life is Healthier

When you’re together all the time, sex becomes the norm. You find yourself doing it all the time, and like anything you do too often, sex can become boring. However, when you’re miles apart and only get to enjoy each other physically once in a while, it tends to be a much hotter, more passionate experience. Plus, when you’re separated, you rely on other methods of pleasuring one another (phone sex and masturbation) which can make your sex life even better.

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