6 signs that he’s into you

Image courtesy of photostock from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of photostock from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The dating game can be a little tricky at times , especially when we become tainted and dubious of any man and his intentions purely because we have either had too many bad dates …or broken hearts. Or perhaps it’s just really hard to notice if a guy is really into you , it’s easy to put up a wall to avoid from getting hurt or falling too soon, but here are some sure tell tale signs that he’s into you:

1:He calls instead of texting

Its crazy that even a phone call nowadays means more than what it use to, and that’s because it actually takes more effort as well as shows commitment to some degree. A man that takes time out of his schedule to actually call and have a proper vocal conversation with you ( over just sending  a few texts) is a man that really thinks you are worth while. Men invest time into the women they care about….and his phone calls are a good indication of this!

2: He shows you off to his friends and family

This guy is proud of you and wants the world to know, he isn’t trying to hide you or his feelings. In a way he is showing that he again is willing to be open to commitment and clearly wants other important people in his world to know that too. By inviting you into his personal family and social life he is effectively making a way for you to have a place in his world.

3: He includes you in his plans

This guy plans ahead and with you in mind. He makes sure his weekend schedule involves spending quality time with you. He enjoys your company and wants to build memories with you.

4: He remembers the little things

This is an indication that he is listening and taking note of the things you say . It shows that he is thoughtful and is trying to make the effort to impress you because he knows it brings you happiness.

5: He makes an effort with your friends and family

This guy wants to impress the people close to you, he wants to show that he cares about your world by meeting the people in it. If a man is making every excuse under the sun not to meet your friends and family then he isn’t the one!

6: He keeps his word.

You can trust this man and what he promises, when he says he will do something he follows through , because he doesn’t want to disappoint you. He is trying to be a man of integrity and he is making you a priority so forgetting something just isn’t an option for him.

It’s easy to get signals mixed especially when we bring our past hurts or unrealistic expectations into the mix, but on this is for sure , and that’s if a guy wants to be with you , he will make every effort to do so; no game playing .


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