6 Tips for Single Women to Remember When Dating


Dating is usually and exciting and adventurous time. However, life isn’t easy when you don’t get a partner or a date that isn’t of your types.

After all, it is isn’t always sunshine and rainbows in life, you got to face the dark grey clouds( otherwise known as dud dates!) too if you want to get to the good stuff!

Meeting guys can be really fun because you get all kinds of men with their respective attitudes, ideas, personality and more. But when it comes to doing the same thing of asking the same set of questions one guy after another, it can become a little tiring and predictable.

As a woman, if you want to raise the bar of your happiness here are 6 dating rules to keep in mind ( so you don’t lose your mind…or hope!)


Being single is not a bad thing

“Why are you still single??”. You must have heard this question so many times that you’re tired now. You don’t have to justify yourself by giving the answer that he has been waiting to listen. There’s no need to say the reason out loud and gather the sympathy. Instead, tell him that you didn’t come across a person worthy to be dated by me.#snap !

Lay down the traits that you need in your partner and see if he has the potential to be with someone like you who’s strong and confident about her choices.


Bad dates will come and go

Bad dates are like nights – they are inevitable and often leave us squinting and wishing for the morning.  But every night also has a dawn. Your previous partner might have spoiled your taste for love , but let’s not put all men in the same box.

We all make mistakes in life , and the sooner we start living our lives and dates with a bit of grace , the sooner we learn to just go with the flow and try again. You don’t have to feel bad about it. Rather, go on and find another date and expect that to be the ideal one. Don’t be too harsh on yourself because you are human like the rest of the planet.


If hes here to stay – he will make an effort

A man that is into you will make an effort. But he can’t be the only one doing all the work. It’s important to step back and allow him to chase you a little , but it’s also equally as important that you reciprocate so that he can see that you are appreciative and receptive to what he is doing and feeling .

Dont be an open book in the beginning

You just don’t have to blurt out everything in the beginning or even start liking/trusting that person. Take time for every single thing. Be specific about your answers and take it slow & steady if you really want to take it to the next level. It’s important to have some mystery about you ,don’t be in a rush to commit to someone you don’t know enough about yet.

Communicate that you like him!

If you have had a good date , don’t be afraid to let him know ..and not just your girl friends. Call the person and tell him how you appreciated his effort and enjoyed your time together . Men aren’t mind readers and good communication starts from the first initial stages of dating.

Just be yourself

The thumb rule of having a partner that you want to stay and spend your life with is to – stay the way you are. Don’t fake yourself or show the person who you are not just to please them.  Just be yourself and if the person sticks around, he’s the one for you. After all, there should be no molding, tricks or lie in a relationship that you want to last a lifetime.



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