6 Ways Pregnancy will Affect Your Relationship

How does pregnancy affect your relationship?

Description: How does pregnancy affect your relationship? There are many ways your relationship can change during pregnancy. Learn how to handle changes that come with getting pregnant.

A question many people ask is, “can pregnancy cause relationship problems?” Indeed, you undergo not just physical changes, but also your mood changes.

You have to contend with a wider belly, swollen ankles, and unstable mood. You feel inexplicably happy at one time, and shortly, you want to be left alone.

While many couples manage to handle these changes, it can be challenging to keep a relationship going if you are experiencing pregnancy for the first time.

Here are some ways pregnancy will affect your relationship and how to make a relationship work during pregnancy.

1. You Could Get Clingy

During pregnancy, your hormones surge. The hormones can impact your emotions, triggering panic. Some women experience overwhelming fear of abandonment. Thoughts about losing your husband could intensify, pushing you to make unreasonable and unrealistic demands on your partner, such as being too protective and checking on him every few minutes.

Signs like this should not worry you much as it’s a part of the rollercoaster that comes with pregnancy. Let your husband know you are needy and that it helps to get extra attention from him.

2. You Will Not Be On the Same Page

What you should understand about pregnancy and your relationship with your husband is that you will probably not have the same view about your condition. Immediately you confirm you are pregnant, you begin to feel like a mom. Your body will give little signs, but your partner does not experience any physical symptoms. This means he might not feel he’s a father until the baby arrives.

It’s not because he’s not excited about the idea, but he cannot feel the same immediacy about getting the baby as you do. Don’t feel upset if you both don’t show the same level of passion.

3.Your Husband Might Feel Left Out

Because Of the exciting prospect of becoming a mother, you might be carried away and focus more on the pregnancy. These are among pregnancy hormones relationship problems you should acknowledge and let your husband know about to ensure he does not feel left out. You will not be on the same page on caring about the unborn.

You could bring him closer by encouraging him to bond with the bump, which helps him feel integral to the unborn. If you are still mobile, plan dates and have great moments together. Open up and let him know you might not be as flexible as before, so he will not place unnecessary demands.

4. Money Will Be a Bigger Deal

When you promised to be there for each other in wealth or otherwise, you probably forgot to ask, “does pregnancy affect relationships?”Money is one of the predictors of divorce, so a discussion about cash would help before the baby arrives because you will need a lot of it. Pregnancy comes with financial obligations. You have to budget for things like emergency C-sections or complications that could require a heavier financial commitment on your part.

Factor in all the things you need throughout the pregnancy. This discussion should happen in the early stages to allow for sufficient preparation for the baby. Even better, have it before you conceive. It’s advisable to have ovulation test kits so you can control when to get a baby.

5. Expect to be More Emotional

If you wonder how pregnancy affects depression, it elevates your emotions, so you will find yourself crying at every cheesy commercial. Also, you could find it challenging to control your anger with small triggers. The emotions can be intensive. Your partner will have to take all this stress and keep calm. Try to moderate consumption of content that flares up your emotions, or inform your partner of the changes so he can be ready to handle it all.

 6. Intimacy Will Dwindle

You both need it, you also want it, but many times during pregnancy, it may not be as frequent and intensive as you like. Sex helps in building a healthy relationship, but when you have a baby on the way, you should expect less activity in the bedroom. Pregnancy comes with a heavy physical toll on the body, which affects libido.

Also, swollen feet, a growing belly, and increased fatigue will affect your flexibility in the bedroom. You probably will not be in the mood most of the time as much as both of you would like. Your partner should understand the situation.


Before you get pregnant, there are many changes you should expect that both of you must understand. Your body will experience physical changes, and hormonal changes could complicate your interactions. Discuss these things early on.

How did getting pregnant affect your relationship? Share some pregnancy tips for relationship building in the comments below.

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