7 Creative Outdoor Dating Ideas

Dating should be an adventure.

Dating ruts happen, and, as meeting potential partners has gone from in-person experiences to online dating sites like Tinder,the rules of the dating game have changed.

You can’t seem too eager, and, sometimes, dating begins to feel like shuffling through a deck of cards. But, really, you have to take a chance and you have to stand out and be you by crafting a date that goes beyond the typical.

This is a first date with new potential, so spice up your date plans with a few crazy ideas. And the best destination for any date: the outdoors!

This date doesn’t have to involve sports or competition, but you should have fun. And, ideally, maybe even step out of your comfort. A

creative date lets you get a feel for your prospective partner’s personality and his or her sense of humor.

Heading outdoors also lets you embrace a more relaxed atmosphere, and planning events or activities outdoors may help ensure that there’s always a conversation starter.


Some outdoor dates, however, might not be for everyone. Don’t plan surfing adventures with a date who doesn’t know how to swim or head out to a botanical garden with an allergy-prone future partner.

Before you set your plans, make sure to get a feel of his/her preferences so you can create a date that works for both of you. The goal is to choose an environment that helps conversation flow and allows you to get to know your date…and determine if you want a 2nddate!

Personality Should Set the Tune

You probably have a little bit of an idea of your date’s likes and interests. Use these to help guide the plans for the date. The destination or event should interest you and your date.

If your date loves to swim or hike, keep that in the back of your mind during planning.

Don’t Forget Food

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure, make sure to grab some food. Plan lunch before or dinner after. Find a restaurant that suits both of your tastes…don’t go too upscale (unless you’re prepping to pay in full).

On first dates, it’s ok to split the bill. But feel out the situation.

Bring Protection

For the sun, of course!  Make sure to pack SPF (30 or higher) to keep the damaging rays at bay. And pack some bottles of water if you’re going to be out in the sun for an extended period.


Make sure your date knows if you’re making plans that involve lots of walking. He or she will want to dress appropriately!


So where do you go on this outdoor adventure? Here are 7 destinations for a fun nature lovin first date!

Hit the Surf

Head for the waves if you both love the sun and the ocean (and know how to swim!). Surfing is a great date adventure. For dinner? Surf & turf, of course!

Theme Parks or Fairs

Eat some carnival food and enjoy the rides. Head to a local theme park or a fair for a zany adventure, and score extra points by playing games and winning prizes!

Outdoor Exhibits

Great weather might score you an opportunity to schedule a date at a local outdoor art show or exhibit. This is a great date if you’re both into the art scene.

An Outdoor Concert

Grab tickets to see a band you both love. Even better?Tickets to a local music festival that offers a variety of musical artists.

Animal Encounters and Adventures

Head out to a local zoo for a day of animal adventures. This is an ideal date for animal lovers!

Outdoor Cinemas

Australia has many outdoor cinemas perfect for a nighttime movie that doesn’t leave you trapped inside. Grab some snacks and head to the show!

Get creative!

Sometimes the best date is left to the imagination. Mix and match ideas or come up with your own fun outdoor date adventure. Just make sure it will be something you will both enjoy!

Outdoor dates add a casual and fun element to first dates, and the breezy atmosphere also can help set the tone for conversation

. Make sure to communicate your plans to your date, always aim for a public event and, above all, have a sense of adventure!

Maybe the two you will hit it off in the great outdoors or maybe you won’t. But at least you will have planned a unique and memorable date that goes beyond the traditional dinner and drinks!

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