7 Extraordinary Date Ideas to Impress Your Date

Dinner and a movie sounds like a solid plan, right?

One that couldn’t possibly backfire (unless your date would like you to see the Human Centipede), and one that’s flexible enough for any taste and preference.

But when you want a relationship to start with fireworks-worthy butterflies in your belly and memories that will last you a lifetime, then you ought to go for something different, something extraordinary.

Life’s too short for dull dates and playing it safe at all times. Your dating life deserves the zest, excitement, and sparks that we all want to experience. 

These date adventures are just that: a way for you to create a unique experience for your first (or a hundred and first) date with a memorable encounter.

Just in case you’d like to spice up your dating life with something authentic, or you’re brainstorming for your next first date ideas, here are a few you should consider that will definitely lead to some remarkable moments!

Hunt for meteors in the night sky

What better way to start a new relationship than to stargaze? With the help of certain online calendars, you can schedule your date to coincide with the next meteor shower that will be visible from your area, or you can even set up a road trip for that time and turn it into a wholesome adventure. 

Make sure to subscribe to relevant sites in order to keep an eye on upcoming meteor showers, prepare a snack kit, and a blanket to keep you warm, and you will be able to commemorate that special night camping under the stars and enjoying some of our galaxy’s most extraordinary events.

Spend a day making a difference

The time you’re about to spend together will definitely have meaning and substance for the two of you, but you can add another layer of value to your date by giving back to your community.

If both of you are dog lovers, volunteering in a dog shelter is a brilliant way to bond, get to know one another, and use your time productively.

Who knows, you might even adopt a pooch of your own?

Spend a day at a local farm volunteering with the crops, plant trees in the local parks, or build a house with Habitat for Humanity.

Read to kids in hospitals, spend some time with the elderly, or mow the lawn for your senior neighbors. Either way, you’ll be making good things happen and you’ll be able to make a meaningful connection with one another. 

Learn something new together

They say that great minds think alike, so why not let yours learn alike? Just make sure you choose a topic that’s not far too complicated or irrelevant in the eyes of your date – you might intimidate them or make them feel less than competent for such a special occasion.

If you know your date well, then you’ll certainly know to play to their preferences, be it a dance lesson, a cooking class you can attend together, or a knitting seminar.

Perhaps you can even learn something together without the guidance of others. For example, if you are good at skating and your date isn’t, that’s a great way to, drumroll please, break the ice.

You can teach them to play chess if you’re in the mood for something less physically taxing, but you get the gist: turn your date into a class and you’ll both have tons of fun together. 

Treat yourself to a liquors tour

Culinary experiences are always a good call, and wine tours are practically synonymous with celebrating anniversaries all over the globe.

What about something more fun, something you also don’t get to do every day, that will be appreciated by a fine liquor aficionado?

Instead of the classics, go for a unique whiskey tour to taste some of the finest, locally-made spirits, learn about the process of making this delicious beverage, and perhaps even take a class.

The unique blends you get to taste will be more than enough to keep you occupied and chatting all the way through, while the class can help you bond over a fun and authentic experience such as making your own bottle of gin! 

Get sporty 

Not every first date needs to be all about small talk, career, and food preferences. Some dates deserve that edge, talking about what fuels you, facing your fears, getting excited.

For thrill-seeking people among you, there are active dating options that can completely transform your time together.

For example, skydiving is an option for the brave of heart, while surfing, mountain climbing, and laser tag will all awaken your inner child and make you laugh out loud for hours on end.

There are less intense ways to be active and romantic at the same time, such as renting a boat to row on a lake, or kayaking along the coast during sunset. It just takes a little imagination and some decent weather to put this plan into action.

A picnic in the great outdoors

Introverts will love this one, but anyone who is passionate about nature will be absolutely mesmerized, too.

This is a perfect opportunity to devote your undivided attention to your date, surrounded by the views, sounds, and fragrances you love the most: fresh grass, flowers, the murmuring river, the sunlight.

Away from city noise and hectic crowds, you can choose a place where you’ll feel as if time has stopped for the two of you.

Ask about your date’s favorite foods or dietary restrictions – it doesn’t hurt to be careful to avoid any allergies or unpleasant surprises.

Prepare a comfy blanket, order or make your meal, and choose the perfect setting. You can dine under the stars or by day (yes, the Sun is also a star, so both options count as starlit dining), depending on what will make you both feel more comfortable. 

Eating out with a dark twist 

Thinking of restaurants always has you imagining the same old scenario with a classy place, low-key atmosphere, smooth jazz in the background, and exceptionally good food.

You might even brush up your knowledge on wines! But what about dinners where you put zero effort and still deliver an extraordinary adventure? W

hen you like surprises and your date loves them, then a meal in the complete dark is a must-try for the two of you when and if you find yourself in Dubai! 

The night vision goggles might not seem all that fashionable, but they do go with pretty much anything, and this is a perfect time to try out that little black dress you’ve been meaning to test-drive. A surprise three-course meal in one of the most exotic cities in the world definitely counts as a memorable event. 


No matter if you’re celebrating a relevant anniversary or you just want to organize a special first date with someone you care about, dating has all the potential to be fun and exciting in any stage of your life.

Use these ideas to bring some pizzazz to your date life, and you’ll surely create memorable experiences for you and your special someone!


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