7 Signs that He’s into You.


photo from blu.stb.s-msn.com

photo from blu.stb.s-msn.com

So you like this guy and you’re not sure if he’s feeling the same way?

The brilliant thing with men is that they aren’t as complicated as we think and often express their feelings through their actions (we are the talkers remember!)

It’s like this inbuilt genetic trait they have that automatically kicks in when they are attracted to a woman: they pursue her, woo her and want to make her a priority in their life. Let’s take a look at several ways he might show his intentions:

1. He calls instead of texting.

Seems simple but one action in comparison to another speaks volumes (literally). A text takes two seconds, a call takes a few minutes and it’s that extra time that he has chosen to invest in that shows that he is making you a priority in his day.

Not only is calling more personal, it’s also good manners and makes a way for extended conversation.

2. He books you up in advance.

This man is making plans with you, he’s asking about what you are doing on the weekend, when he can see you next and is even suggesting things that you can do together.

When it comes to a date he is organised, on time, has put thought into it and time limits are not an issue because HE WANTS TO BE IN YOUR COMPANY. He values the time he spends with you and initiates the chance to spend even more.

3. He loves showing you off.

This man is proud to have you by his side, his friends know about you, his family have heard of you and you aren’t a stranger to the people in his world. Introducing you to friends and family shows that commitment is on the agenda and he trusts you and wants you to have a role in his life.

A relationship where you have to be hidden or walk on eggshells is no way to live and the right man would not even contemplate doing either of these things to you.

4. He listens to you, and remembers things you’ve said.

This man is actively listening, he takes the time to sit down and hear everything you have to say whether it’s a complaint, compliment or just general chit chat.

We all know that women can talk quite a bit, but in this case the man actually is taking note of what you are saying. He makes a effort to remember what you have said and follows through because your happiness means something to him.

5. He’s interested in your daily life and wants to be involved.

Ah how wonderful it is to not only have a man that tentatively listens to you but also who asks about your day and takes an interest in your life. He knows your favourite colour, food, flower and what hobbies you have.

He makes an effort to understand how you work; he encourages your goals, gives you advice and support on your decisions and actually cares about what is going on in your world.

6. Time isn’t an issue.

This man is here for the foreseeable future and time doesn’t seem to be full of limits. Whether its meeting the parents or waiting to be intimate, this man has a mature approach, a long term perspective and a respect for your choices and feelings.

When he is with you he isn’t constantly checking his watch or rushing your time together, instead he values it and makes you feel like you are important and the time you spend together is of value to him as well.

7. He’s holds your hand publicly.

This man isn’t afraid to show how he feels for you; he’s openly affectionate in public, in front of friends and family and has no qualms in showing it. He initiates physical contact, reaches for your hand and finds it second nature to be close to you.

In Conclusion… Ladies this is not too much to ask for and it’s not unrealistic, don’t settle for second best or lower your standards just to have someone. A real man knows how to treat a woman and isn’t afraid to show it.



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