7 Ways to Increase Faithfulness in Your Relationship

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1: Be and Speak kindness to you man

Its something you might find me saying quite a lot ; kind and positive words build kind and positive reactions . Men need to know they feel loved and appreciated just as much as women do , but it’s amazing how we can so easily forget to acknowledge them daily .

Relationships are hard work , but you can make sensible choices daily to make things easier and one of the simplest ways to do this is to speak the right words .

You words have the power to either build someone up or tear them down, so what will you choose ?When a man feels like he is not enough or not appreciated he will instinctively start to shut off and seek that positive attention somewhere else.

2: Learn their love language

You may or may not have heard of The 5 Love Languages  by Gary Chapman in which this book tells us there are 5 ways in which we receive and give love . Whilst it may all sound too deep and complicated , it actually is a theory that is used worldwide and in many counselling and relationship books and courses ( so give it a try , I have summarized everything for you in the highlighted link above).

Essentially it’s about learning to understand how to love your partner in the best way he receives it e.g.: quality time v.s. physical touch

3: Stop nagging

For the love of God ( and your relationship) you need to be conscious of your nagging . It’s something that we do usually unintentionally because we are basically sick and tired of trying to get our point across, but unfortunately men will take this the wrong way and start to resent you.

Let’s face it , no one likes a nag so we have to learn to communicate in such a way that is clear , sincere and not from a point of frustration .

Why do men hate nagging so much? Because they see it as either a pressure to change or that who they are is not enough , which shouldn’t be the truth. Again refer to point 1….be kind and choose your words ( and battles).

4: Look after your appearance

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life or become complacent and fall into a routine whereby the time we usually had for maintaining our appearance and health has fallen to the wayside.

Remember those days when you first started dating? When you use to take 2 hours to get ready just to make an impression on him? Whilst we may not have 2 hours free , we can and HAVE TO make that extra time to look after ourselves and look good for the man we love.

It no only shows a respect for him but also for yourself and your relationship . Even if you have had children and work a full time job , there is no excuse for letting yourself go ( there I’ve said it!).

We all know men are physical creatures so keep his attention with not only your awesome personality but also your shiny hair 😉

5: Spend quality time together every week

Set a date night each week and stick to it ! Life can get busy , but your relationship needs to be first priority and by making the unanimous decision to set time aside to spend with each other you increasing your chance of a lasting marriage.

It may cost money to hire a babysitter , but think of it as an investment and work out a way where you can cut costs in other areas of daily life.

A date night isn’t about going out to a fancy restaurant or movie , it might even just be as simple as a walk on the beach for a few hours together , the point is you are reconnecting and spending quality time together.

6:  Communicate more effectively

This isn’t about texting the grocery shopping list to one another , but rather asking each other questions and being interested in each others lives and what you each have to say .

If you are angry about something , then let him know , but after you have cooled down and rationalised everything .

Be open, honest and transparent with one another, it’s important to be able to communicate how you feel and not feel guilty about it or hold it all in until you explode!

7: Be intimate and affectionate daily

Make time to be intimate with each other and try to be affectionate daily , whether it’s a goodbye kiss or a hug . You want to keep that physical attraction and need between you and him only strong and unbreakable .

Men have a deep physical desire that needs to be filled and women have a deep emotional desire that needs to be topped up regularly, so by initiating regular intimacy you will also be doing yourself a favour , because a man who feels loved up will want to love on his woman .

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