7 ways to know he’s afraid to commit!

Is he a commitment-phobe?

OK so sometimes it’s downright obvious when a man doesn’t want to be with you , and other times we can get so hung up on him that all his mixed signals leave us dazed and confused ( but still hopeful!)

Ladies, a man that really wants to be with you will be…it really is a simple as that, however here’s 7 signs which indicate that you are indeed dating Mr Commitment Freak:

1: There isn’t any real progress in your relationship.

This means you keep going round in circles always having the same arguments and basically haven’t moved forward. In essence you still don’t know what the status of your relationship is let alone what the future holds for you both.

A man that is READY to commit to you will be making sure you guys are heading somewhere because he values your relationship and wants to cement what you have.

2: He can’t make plans with you.

This guy struggles with keeping promises and making any sort of long or short term plans with you.

Most of the time he only fits you into his schedule when it suits him and there is a pattern of inconsistency in spending quality time together, because too much couple time scares him away.

A man that really wants to be in your life will do every effort to do so, he’ll be booking you up months in advance …and he will won’t cancel!

3: He always wants “some space”.

Ahh the old hiding in his man cave trick! Ladies there is a difference between a man needing some alone time in his cave and being a total commitment freak, so don’t get the two mixed up!

Yes it is important to have your time apart and remain independent, but if a guy is continually wanting to “have some space” and even encourages you to go out and party without him, then it’s pretty clear he doesn’t want the same committed relationship as you.

4: He encourages you to do your own thing without him.

Now whilst it’s awesome to have a man encourage you to live your own life and dreams, it’s altogether another thing when he doesn’t want to be a part of it in anyway.

Don’t be fooled, a man that really want to have a real relationship with you will  be wanting to build memories together and share experiences, in essence he will be literally present in your life in every way.

5: You don’t feel like a priority.

That’s because you aren’t, as hard as that is to hear, you are not number one on his list. A man that really loves you will make you feel like you are important, that means coming before sport, friends and work and anything else.

Yes we all get hectic and have to learn to compromise, but you should still feel like he wants to spend time with you and cares about how you feel.

6: You never get any clear answers from him.

Some many shades of grey when really it’s as simple as a yes or a no! The best way to see what his real intentions are is by looking at his actions, anyone can spurt a whole lot of crap and promise you the world, but it’s what they do afterwards that really shows their true character.

7: You still live separate lives to some degree.

Not cool, especially when you are trying to build a life and a foundation for a stable relationship. This isn’t about living together, because you can still be under the same roof and living separate lives, this is about being in unity over matters, planning things together and working towards the same goals.

Plus your social life should be melded into one.

Ladies it’s not easy facing the truth especially when we love our man, but don’t be blind to what the situation really is  because you are deserving of so much more.


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