8 signs he’s NOT worth dating!

You aren’t a priority

Ladies if a man wants you to be in his life, he will make a genuine effort to do just that, you will become a priority not an option. It’s human nature to invest your time into things or people that are important to you; they become part of your daily thoughts and actions.

If a man really likes a woman, he will take initiative regularly to make her feel like she has an important role in his life. He does not feed you the scraps after attending to everything else first; instead he shows respect of your relationships and appreciation of yourself by putting you at the top of the list.

You are being hidden

If you are in a relationship that has deception or you are being hidden, then you are in the wrong relationship!

Quite simple really, and no I don’t care how much his ex wife hates him dating other women blah blah, honesty and respect are fundamental building blocks and they should be there from the start.

Does his friends and family know about your existence? A man who is serious about his woman will be proud to be seen with her and will want the world to recognize the woman by his side.

Don’t kid yourself and settle for a man who is happy to keep you in the shadows away from everyone else, you are worth knowing about!

He doesn’t romance you

Ok I don’t mean he has to shower you with rose petals everyday (although that would be nice!)I’m talking about a man who realises the importance of romancing and appreciating the woman he is with.

It’s true some men are more romantically inclined than others, but at the end of the day if you don’t feel valued or loved because his actions are lacking, well it’s time to speak up and put your foot down or go where you are celebrated not tolerated.

He doesn’t want to meet your friends and family

It’s not a nice feeling turning up to social events alone all the time especially when you actually have a boyfriend and have to make a list of excuses of why he can’t be there.

Ladies if he is serious about wanting you in his life then he’ll also make it a priority to get to know the people in your world.

Meeting your friends and family shouldn’t be such a big deal that he has to put a long time frame on it before it happens. Someone who is emotionally mature sees beyond his own insecurities and genuinely wants to make the effort to meet the people that are important to you.

His words and actions don’t line up

Big red flag! If a man’s words and actions say two totally different things, you need to decide which one you are going to believe, and let’s face it: actions speak louder than words!

Look at how he treats you first, and then listen to how he speaks to you second. Keep him accountable to his words and promises and if after a while you see a repetitive pattern of him never following through, lying or contradicting behaviour, then get your pretty ass out of there!

You never know when you’ll see him next

It’s the waiting game: waiting for his call, text or confirmation of when you will spend time together again. A life lived in limbo is a life half lived, and a relationship that has constant anxiety and fear of commitment is not a healthy or a happy one.

If a man wants you in his life you will know it because he will be asking to spend time with you and planning things in advance.

You are always making excuses for his behaviour

It may not be obvious to you, but ask your trusted friends and family and they will tell you if you do this or not.

Being rejected is an awful feeling and to dull the pain we can sometimes create a list of justifications of a person’s faults, without realising we are compromising our own happiness in return.

A man should be consistent in his character, and be trusted to treat you right and value who you are as a woman.

You aren’t happy

Yes relationships are hard work and need constant attention, but a healthy one means you don’t have to sacrifice your dignity, dreams, self worth or happiness.

The thing is after time we can start to convince ourselves that being in an unhealthy relationship isn’t so bad compared to what others are going through, or compared to being alone.

Well it’s time to set a new benchmark ladies and start remembering your value and the fundamentals of a successful, healthy and NORMAL relationship. Stop continuing to date men who are not on the same page and start opening yourself up for the chance to date a man worthy of you.

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