How To Actually Sleep With Your Partner

Before our minds start to think about sleeping as another term for nookie…

this time I am actually referring to the action of catching some Z’s .

If you are like me and can sleep anywhere including on a bed of concrete , then #yay!

However if you find it difficult to be able to get some shut eye because your lovely spouse is snoring like a zombie or moving around like an elephant…well read on.

Whether you’re single, dating or happily in a relationship when it comes to sharing the bed with a spouse, significant other, or even family and friends we all face different sleep personalities that make it hard to catch our precious ZZZs.

Studies have shown that sharing the bed with a partner can provide a range of health related benefits

. It’s no secret that our moments of rest are essential to live our best lives, if you happen to be sleeping next to a slumber stealing someone check out these tips below to help you cope!

Let’s just say that the right mattress always helps , ain’t nobody going to have a good night sleep if your bed is sunk like a sinkhole, hard as a rock or so soft you feel every little movement.

Truth is if you don’t get enough shut eye , you will become stressed and add more pressure to your relationship . People literally die from lack of sleep .#heavy.



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