Annual Love Breakthrough Event Is Here !


Are you ready to experience a ‘Love Breakthrough’?


I invite you to join me and an amazing collective of female mentors, healers and speakers on all things ‘LOVE’ for the ‘LOVE  BREAKTHROUGH VIRTUAL RETREAT’


This incredible [FREE] online event is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.  It will not only educate and enlighten but facilitate powerful inner transformations and shift faster into what’s truly and deeply meant for you…love abundance and soulmate partnership.


Each day for 14 days you will have exclusive access to the spiritual secrets, psychological wisdom and powerful inner transformational tools and processes and just like a Retreat, you will be invited to drop into a ‘virtual’ workshop, practice or ritual that you can easily do anytime from home.

You’ll have access to;

  • Daily love transformation video classes guided by myself and 14 other internationally renowned transformational love mentors who have collectively supported thousands of women to heal their heart wounds, expand in self love, shift their old patterns and co-create conscious soulmate partnerships.
  • Beautifully supportive daily tools, guided processes, journalling exercises and much more to help you dissolve your limitations and blocks to elevated soul expanding love.
  • Stunning guided soulmate, self-love and heart healing meditations and sounds to open your heart chakra, raise your love vibration and activate your highest potential for manifesting love.
  • beautiful art therapy mandalas to escape into your creative expression of love, quieten the mind and connect with your soul’s desires.
  • and so so much more..


All facilitated in the beautiful container of a virtual community of likeminded conscious soul-sisters to uplift and support you in your love breakthrough experience!

You simply must not miss out on this one beautiful!


Join us on this 14 day journey as we do the inner work required to unearth and reprogram our inner limitations, unlock the unlimited source of love from within and align energetically and emotionally to our heart’s desire.


The Love Breakthrough Virtual Retreat starts this Monday 13th April


Register for your free ticket at


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