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Do You Initiate or Chase in …

Interview by Dave Glaser on Believe Be Real Be Bold

Should a woman make the first move?  It all depends.

The truth is, women often make the first move in social interactions by sending subtle signs.

The fact is, a lot of men do not get subtlety.

Most of them, are confused about what those signals mean at all.

Setting the right goals and knowing how you make your move is crucial to your success.



In this interview I share:

·        The difference between initiating and chasing in
·        Why a lot of men are hesitant to make the first move
·        How a woman’s act of making the first move can be liberating for a man
·        What the “instant” culture has done to the quality of relationships we have today
·        Why the concept of “entitlement “is counterproductive
·        The differences between entitlement and empowerment
·        How adding value to the other party helps build a lasting relationship
·        Knowing how men and women react differently to uncertainty and how to use this knowledge                                          ·        Why rejection should be viewed as a redirection.                                                                                                                        ·        How personal development can be compared to a “Pandora’s Box” and the best method to go about it.

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