Brand new coaching course- The Man Magnet

SUPER EXCITED is an understatement .

This course is something that we are totally so bursting to share with you .

Renee’s first 8 week course Ready For Romance was launched last year and had over 200 applications …(unfortunately not everyone qualifies to do the course!)

But the women who did manage to get in and complete the course have literally been transformed from the inside out , here are just a a couple of their words:

Your course helped me immensely, in finding me! I needed that shake up, wake up call to put me before anyone else in my life to love myself before loving anyone else. And most importantly being comfortable in my own skin.

I feel I’m on track to bigger better things and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me take the first step.”
– Evelyn
“I would like to say how amazing you are and being able to change many women’s lives for the better. You’re encouragement is changing my life for the better .” – Fiona

“I’m only going for dinner, but I just can’t believe what’s happening. I really think I have grown in confidence and self love, and your course has helped me tremendously to get to this stage. I’m happy, and it feels good, irrespective of a guy.”

– Desiree

“Renee, releasing my baggage activity was so so so helpful. The biggest relief!!. Thank you for your guidance , you angel. I am free. ”

To watch these women unfold and flourish into the incredible women that at they are has been nothing short of a massive career highlight.
However Renee is bringing you a brand new course for 2018 : The Man Magnet.  

This short course is all about understanding the 3 vital steps to getting a guy to commit ! And it’s loaded with over 3 hours worth of content, workbooks , audio , bonuses and more!


In fact here is what you’re going to get and learn! :


What You Learn!
  • The 3 Vital Steps to getting a man to commit .
  • How the male mind works .
  • What to say and do to get him to chase you.
  • How to become the most desirable and dateable woman ever!
  • What men really want in a partner.
  • How to get him to give you that ultimate commitment!
  • How to thrive without a man and increase your happiness daily!
What You Get!
  • A LIVE coaching session with Renee Slansky. 
  • Over 3 hours of comprehensive, easy to listen to videos and audio .
  • Links to affiliate specials and discounts. 
  • 3 x Free Extra Bonus’s valued at over $120 !
  • Easy to use workbooks and practical steps.
  • Access to the private Facebook community.
  • Texting secrets to get him to want you!


All you have to do is click the link below and add your name to the list !

If you are ready to go from The Chaser to The Chased and get a guy to offer you that lifetime commitment , then this is where it all starts! 



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