Christian Dating Sites That Follow the Principles of Christianity

Ready to date outside the church?

The world is changing and the prospect of traditional setups or blind dates that used to be characteristic of Christian dating is becoming archaic.

Online dating sites are beginning to establish their roots as the most effective and fastest way of meeting new people and mingling.

One major advantage of this is that there are different dating sites to cater to whatever needs you may have

. Whether you are just looking to have fun or you are in search of a serious long term relationship, there is a dating site to meet your needs. You can read a detailed review of some of these sites on

Why choose Christian dating sites?

Going for Christian-friendly dating sites helps filter your prospects and limit it to those that are in line with your intention and beliefs.

There are dedicated sites for people with specific sexual orientations, as well as cultural and religious affiliations.

This way, we can just skip the part of trying to figure out what the person believes or what they want from the relationship. Of course, there may still be exceptions since people are not always who they claim to be online. But to a larger extent, you’d get just what you ordered for.

We’ve hand-picked the top 3 Christian dating sites that would be of utmost benefit to you in following Christianity Principles.

 Despite being one of the oldest dating sites, Match remains one of the most popular around.

The site is up to date with the latest technologies and have overtime proven themselves to be capable of providing a match that suits what most users are looking for.

Match uses an algorithm that takes into account both the qualities you say you want and the ones you check out on the site.

Using this, the algorithm learns more about you and presents prospects that are just what you are looking for.

After almost 2 decades of offering matchmaking services, this site has not only become a household name but is also prided as a site for serious minded individuals who are looking to settle down.

There is a specific section of the app specifically for Christians looking for love.

One of the downsides might be that it is a paid site, but that should in itself emphasizes the seriousness of the site and what they do.

Be sure to state your faith and your search for a like-mind expressly in your bio. Read this guide to using dating sites as a christian.

Christian Mingle:

with over 2.5 million users monthly, Christian Mingle tops the chart on the search when looking for a Christian faith-based dating site.

It is quite easy to use and the perfect place to find a Christian partner. While signing up, multiple-choice questions are asked to gather information about the user such as their body build, body type and also a space to write about yourself.

The site also offers options to subscribe to other Christian sites such as and, once you’re done signing up, your profile is available to add in more personal details.

Instead of the conventional username, Christian Mingle members make use of their first name but surnames are kept confidential.

The site also has chat rooms and forums to foster the relationship between members. Users have control over who sees their private pictures and can also block other users based on their discretion.

Finally, in matchmaking, there is the use of “color code” that tells what personality type you are to other users and this makes finding a match a lot easier.



Since its inception in 2000, eHarmony has maintained its highly effective process of matchmaking people.

It was founded by Christian psychologist and its main focus is on establishing long-lasting relationships and not just casual dating. One of the site’s distinguishing features is the kind of matching system employed.

The site’s match algorithm is based on years of research involving various relationships. Unlike the usual way of browsing through the profiles of others, eHarmony restricts you to only the users whose profile matches yours as potential partners.

This is based on a lengthy personality questionnaire that users fill while signing up. It is used to gather data about each user.

The site then uses its propriety matching system to identify possible strong romantic connections and analyze compatibility.

The results of successful relationships speak volumes of how good the system works.

Since one of its aims is to create lasting relationships, you can rest assured the site has your best interests in finding you, long-lasting love.


So the verdict on Christian dating sites?

Dating has always been influenced by individual personal beliefs and faith. The principles of Christian dating emphasize the need for genuine connection and a willingness to commit to a partner in the long term and not just casual flings.

Online Christian dating sites help to meet people who have these same beliefs and you can be assured of finding other like-minded Christians ready to mingle on any of the sites reviewed above.

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