Dating , Relationship and Breakup Advice : Podcast Interview

Let’s talk about sex , love and breakups.

There are many factors that could destroy the connection between you and your partner. Cheating is a byproduct of struggles and underlying problems and being a cheater should not be someone’s identity.

Interview by Rob Kowalski on Kowalski Analysis


Couples struggle to keep a relationship because there are things that are happening that’s either not of or they’re not communicating about. A bit of quick advice, we should stop labeling people as something purely because of one action that they’ve done or one temptation that they’ve had.


In this interview, I share:

  • Renee’s journey to becoming a Relationship Coach.
  • My relationship experiences.
  • Reading as a way of becoming a better coach.
  • An insight into my past life: lessons I learned and changing to the man I am today.
  • Taking time to build your perspectives on life.
  • How and why some women use sex as a tool to keep their partners.
  • The fast lane culture and how it affects our modern-day relationships.
  • The relationship between sex and intimacy
  • Can you date someone of a different religion?
  • Instant gratification. Settling for less because you lack patience.
  • Sex toys in marriage.
  • Why couples struggle with faithfulness.

Click here to listen to the full podcast 

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