Does He Really Care? 9 Signs He’s Falling for You

 Are you ready to look at the signs that he’s in love with you?

Although women can be hard to understand, men are also difficult to read. For instance, a man isn’t great at expressing any deep feelings he may have.

On the bright side, this can be part of his mysterious nature you have the privilege of solving. If you’d really like to unravel the mystery a bit on your own, here are a few signs he’s falling in love with you.

He Feels Free to Be Himself

There are plenty of immature guys out there who would rather boost their own egos than be themselves, especially around a woman. Therefore, if he takes the chance to show who he is, take notice because this is rare.

For example, he might feel inclined to show you his Star Trek figurines, smile in a goofy manner, or show you how shy he truly is.

You Seem to Make Him Nervous

Most men are immature or just enjoy making innocent jokes. This means his buddies will probably laugh if he ever reveals how nervous you make him. Rather than laugh along with them too much, try being grateful for nice guys.

He Likes You as You Are

While being yourself would chase nearly every man you’ve ever met away, yours likes you for you.

In fact, he loves when you’re weird, silly, or even laughs out loud funny. You know you can wear sweatpants all day, gain some weight or watch your favorite cartoons with him around because he won’t judge you for who you are. You never have to feel ashamed for being near him.


You Know He Only Wants to Date You

He’s told you you’re dating exclusively, and you believe him. One reason for this might be because you spend all of your time together. You feel as though you’ve met your best friend, and it’s obvious the feelings are mutual.

You laugh at the same jokes and spend quality time with loved ones together.

He Gives You Plenty of Attention

A man who’s in love will listen to you, watch you when you’re with your friends and make eye contact with you in a meaningful way. As a matter of fact, he isn’t in love with anyone else. Further, he’s mature enough to stay committed to you.

He Treats You with Genuine Respect

One of the biggest ways to tell if a man’s fallen for you is if he’s a gentleman. A gentleman will hold open your door, communicate without being rude, and treat you like a princess without asking for anything in return. You won’t have to worry about teaching a man who’s in love how to act, because he’ll already know.

You’ve Met His Family and Friends

A guy who’s immature hasn’t become a real man yet.

This guy will keep secrets from you and won’t include you in his personal life enough. A man who cares for you will eventually invite you to family gatherings such as his cousin’s wedding, grandma’s birthday party or sister’s baby shower.

He Forgives You Easily

The right man for you knows holding grudges won’t get you anywhere together. For this reason, he’ll forgive you for your wrongs. The truth is that men are treated badly too often and should be given credit for the unconditional love they tend to give openly.

He Expresses His True Feelings for You

One of the rarest things to see is a man who shows who he is.

A guy who expresses his real feelings is baring his soul to you. Make sure to treat him with kindness, because every man deserves the devoted love of a good woman.

Instead of viewing your man as a problem to be solved, try being more grateful for him. After all, nobody’s perfect, and he’s a human being. Always remember to appreciate him for who he is, and he’ll be likely to do the same for you.

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