Does Therapy Work For Couples?

How Therapy affect your Relationship?

If you tell people you’re going to therapy, it’s typically seen as a sign of distress.

Therapy can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss with your partner, regardless of how long you’ve been together. But whether you’re going to therapy individually or with your significant other, therapy has proven to be valuable in a relationship.

In a recent study, Superdrug Online Doctor surveyed nearly 1,000 individuals currently in a relationship to explore their experiences telling their partners they attend therapy. So how long do couples wait to tell each other about their therapy sessions?

While 28.9% of women tell their partner within the first 0-3 months of attending therapy, only 18.6% of men tell their partner within the same time period.

Men in relationships were nearly twice as likely as women to say they always worry about their partner judging them negatively for going to therapy.

Research shows people in a relationship where at least one person had gone to therapy were more likely to rate the emotional intimacy of their relationship as good or excellent. Being open with your partner about attending therapy is especially important now, more than ever.

 While 60.2% of people in relationships reported individual therapy at some point, 59.7% have reported having gone to couples’ therapy.


Part of being in a great relationship is that you are both open and honest with each other. With openness and honesty, you can build and maintain trust and respect for one another.

Couples therapy often moves relationships in the direction they need to go. You have the opportunity to relearn and reposition yourself with your partner and individually for your relationship.

Although it may be an uncomfortable subject to bring up, it can be beneficial to your mental health and relationship.


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