Do’s and Don’t’s For Online Christian Senior Dating


Dating is not only for the young but also for the older group, those above the age of 50.

We know that a lot of seniors are Christians and some of them are single at the same time. There are several circumstances that lead to a senior being single and these are divorce, demise of a partner and having not married entirely.

Divorces in the Christian teachings are not encouraged, however being human they also occur and its best for a senior to find another date when this happens. Dating for seniors is not always a rosy experience, this is because they tend to feel like having lost touch with the dating world.

Frankly even for the young people meeting a person of the opposite sex and asking for a date can be quite tricky!

To be able to successfully date again as a Christian senior there are few Dos and Don’ts that need to be observed.


 The Do’s


Be open-minded and state your interests upfront. It is easy for a Christian senior to be coy in the fear of scaring away a potential match but you would rather be straight forward than regret latter. Be compassionate and gentle when letting the other person know that you are not interested in them.

Make use of the senior dating sites that are available, this will help filter out most of what that you do not need and will help narrow down the choices for you.Almost all the senior dating sites have the feature to search for your possible match based on criteria like “Religion”.

This saves you a lot of time looking for Christian seniors in your age group.

Create time to interact and meet your potential dates. Christians may have the notion that God would directly provide for them and thus neglect the simple gesture of creating interest and time to actually date.

Do try getting out of your comfort zone. Many Christians would rather stay confined within some teachings that may prohibit one from getting married after the death of a partner. It is best to try and enjoy life while you still have it and you need to kick off those walls around the comfort zone that you created.



Do not be so religious that you forget to see the joy in dating the way that God created it to be. Have fun and learn to accommodate everyone even when you differ in doctrines.

Do not act desperate or emotionally needy as this will make you an easy target to dating scammers. Mostly those who have been out of the dating game for long; they might not know how to handle little pressure of being hit on.

If need be ask for assistance from your young grandkid.Read some safety tips for online senior dating would be great help.

Do not dwell on the past, if it is divorce or loss of a loved one learn to move on and stop holding onto it. It is good to cherish the memories shared but move on and enjoy the gift of life that is still left in you.

When you get a date also try as much as possible not to bring up those memories.



Dating is fun and by following these rules will spell great success in dating as a Christian senior. They apply both to men and women who are single and ready to date again. Always remember to treat others as you would wish to be treated as these are some of the greatest Christian teachings.

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