Friday’s Dating Tip #TGIF


Friday’s Dating Tip

Another week down and we seem to be eating up this year quite quickly! However it’s no time to panic or start compromising just because we feel like we are running behind schedule ( especially in the dating apartment!) This week’s little piece of advice:

Today: Stay Present! Stop over thinking everything on the first date ie: what will our future children look like, will he go bald, what does his last name sound like with me name…etc! Learn to just live in the now and enjoy the moment rather than fast tracking your future together in your mind.

Sometimes it’s hard not let our mind get carried away with our heart, our expectations and romantic ideals , however getting ahead of ourselves can also jeopardise what we have in the early stages . It’s important to have standards and an idea of what you want and need, but it’s altogether another thing to base your future with someone off a first date! Let’s get realistic girls, lets also give ourselves time to really get to know someone and then allow the natural progression to take place .

Happy Dating!


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