Here are the insecurities that are holding us back from having great sex!


Let’s be honest, sex can make us feel naked in more ways than one.

If relationships are all about compromise and trust, why is it that our insecurities can get in the way of our sexual fulfillment? In a recent study, the team at Zava surveyed over 1,000 adults to pinpoint the top reasons for our bedroom self-doubt.

And it turns out that whilst we all want to fulfil our partners , we have a hard time being comfortable in our own skin.

It’s no new phenomena that when we are naked in front of someone , all our fears and insecurities can creep up and start to plant doubts in our head. Which doesn’t really help you enjoy the full moment. But little do we know that all this silly hangups can actually damage our relationships and intimate times.

So let’s look at both what males and females get conscious about :

Women were more likely to be self-conscious of their body image, but men were more worried about how they performed for their partners. In fact, men were 16 percent more likely than women to feel insecure about their sexual performance.

At the same time women may be scrutinising themselves, it may be that men are too focused on living up to expectations – a combination that could lead to sexual displeasure for both parties.

So where are the parts we don’t like about ourselves?

Well not surprisingly women are more concerned about our weight , while for men their second biggest insecurity is their genitals.

Body image has always been a struggle for most people , especially when it comes to stripping naked in front of your spouse.While there may be no quick fix to overcoming insecurities, there are solutions to loving your body that may provide benefits that extend far beyond the bedroom.

These include exercising for fun, stepping away from the scale, focusing only on the positive aspects of oneself, and stopping comparisons to others.

So why do we feel so insecure?

As you guessed it , women seem to have more doubts then men when it comes to being intimate . I mean is it any wonder with all the pressure that social media and the world puts on us?

Some aspects of being too hard on oneself may include overthinking, worrying, and never feeling good enough – all of which can make an appearance in the bedroom. If you’re unable to relax or appreciate yourself for who you are, your sexual intimacy may suffer in the process.

While we may not realise it at the time, our partners are usually privy to our insecurities because they see beyond what’s skin deep and into the heart of the matter.

Thankfully, body positivity has received a lot of mainstream media attention, and its message will hopefully continue to suffuse itself into the modern psyche, as well as the bedroom. We could all use a little more positivity en route to the Big O.

So do men really care as much as we do about our flaws?

Turns out that they don’t , and vice versa. It seems like we instead become our own worst enemy and build it up in our mind to be something it isn’t.

The best way to beat your fears and doubts in the bedroom is to focus on what you love about yourself and affirm what you love about each other.

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