Here’s why you are still single

You are not single by chance.

You are single by choice, now whether that is consciously or subconsciously done , is entirely up to you . But let’s remember love is not for the lucky and you do not get to where you are at , without contributing to your position.

Being single is not a crime , it does not make you a failure and it is nothing to be ashamed about.  Being in a relationship doesn’t guarantee happiness , so let’s not lose perspective.

But I know that right now you are frustrated , because you don’t want to be single , you want to spend your life loving and being loved. There is nothing wrong with admitting that , because truth is that’s what we are all meant to do.

So why then are you still stuck? Why are you trying but just not getting anywhere?

I believe there are 5 key reasons and I want to share them with you in this video. 


Here’s Why You Are Still Single

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