Here’s why you keep attracting married men

Why are you always attracting married men?

You don’t even want that type of man. So why is it happening and how do you stop it from happening?

Now I’ve had quite a few of you ladies email me and say that you’re really struggling. I’ve even had clients who have come to me and said that they’re struggling with the fact that the men that approach you are married.

It’s a really scary a thing because we think, okay, am I only going to keep attracting these married men who I know are not available and who I don’t want anyway because it clearly shows that they’re unfaithful?

Or is there something wrong with me? Am I giving out the wrong vibes? Or are men just like this in general?

The first thing that I want to say is this, just because there are a handful of married men out there being unfaithful, it doesn’t mean that all men are like that.

We shouldn’t go and define the category and the of the sanctity of marriage just by what some other people are doing who are obviously not having any respect for it.

Here is my personal opinion on why I think that you are actually attracting married men.

WHY YOU KEEP ATTRACTING MARRIED MEN | signs a married man is attracted to you.

You are looking for what it is that you are projecting out there, which is usually based on your fears or what it is that you ideally want.

The truth is is that you are attracting all types of guys. You’re attracting boring ones. You’re attracting maybe ones that are super charismatic and exciting. You’re attracting nice guys, bad guys, and married guys.

We assume that when we get on a dating app or that when we go out there looking for love, that we’re just going to have men come to us who have the right intentions. One of the things I see that a lot of you girls get confused with is you mix up attention with intentions.

We have to remember that just because we’re putting ourselves out there doesn’t mean that we’re automatically going to attract the men that have the right intentions.

Welcome to modern times

We are in a time of history where we have so many ways to interact and have secretive relationships, and meet new people online, that obviously extramarital affairs are about.

People are being unfaithful. There is cheating. There’s people getting back with exs from the past. Because we now have access to these people like we never had before.

Reality is is you’re in an environment which makes it easy for married men to be able to flirt with women that maybe they weren’t been able to do before, before dating apps came along.

What are you focusing on?

Now, if you’re finding that you’re attracting these men even in real life, not necessarily online, it really comes down to what you are seeing and what you are focusing on.

When I work with clients, a lot of the time they say to me, “Renee, I can’t find any good quality men. Where all the good men hiding?” The truth is they’re right there in front of you. But if you are constantly focusing on the ones who aren’t available, or the ones who are emotionally just not ready, or they’re already committed in another relationship, then that’s all you’ll ever see.

Now, clearly your focus is coming from somewhere. Maybe your focus is coming from fear. For example, you might have been cheated on in the past, so you have this fear that if you get with another man, he will cheat on you if you’re married.

Hence why you’re then only seeing these married men who are being unfaithful because that’s one of your underlying fears.

Are you projecting?

Or it could also be a projection of what it is that you ideally want down the track. You want a married man. You want marriage.

So you’re looking for these certain characteristics in a man that maybe represents stability, leadership, confidence, and you’re going out there and looking for it.

You might even be subconsciously attracted to a married man without realizing it and then turn it around, going, but he’s married. Why is he attracted to me? Why is he having this conversation with me?

Who are you talking to?

Sometimes I see women talk to married men. They know that they’re married. They’ve got a wedding ring on when they talk about their wives.

What they do is they actually are quite attracted to this married guy because of what he represents and what she ideally wants. Then all of a sudden, because he’s getting attention from this woman, he wants to be attracted to her as well, and that’s usually how emotional affairs start, then lead to physical affairs.

We have to really be keeping guard of what it is that we’re focusing on and where the focus is actually coming from.

You’re experiencing negative situations and people when it comes to dating, then I can pretty much 99% guarantee you that that is coming from a place of fear.

You’re so scared that you’re going to end up with somebody that is going to be unfaithful, so your mind automatically looks for tangible evidence of that.

Now we can’t control who it is is going to be in contact with us, but obviously we can control who we entertain.

Here’s what you need to do

If you have this niggling doubt that he is married, or you openly know that he’s married, it’s not about necessarily going, why is this happening to me? Why am I attracting married men? It’s just about shifting your focus and going, well, I’m not going to entertain that idea.

Instead I’m going to look for the men that are emotionally available. Men who openly say they’re ready for a relationship. Men who openly are ready to be transparent and honest.

Again, ladies, just because you’re attracting a certain type of man doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s this big magical mythical reason of why that’s happening and they’re all targeting you and all the married men want you.

It’s purely a matter of what your brain is focused on, which usually comes from a place of fear, lack, or certain conviction, that you have about love and relationships.

Now this is why I’m here to help you girls.

If you’re finding that you are struggling with attracting men who aren’t emotionally available, or men who are already in another relationship, rather, then it’s about knowing how to attract men who are ready, who are ready to step up, ready to be transparent, ready to be honest and ready to commit to you.

What I’ve done is put together a brand new free webinar. This webinar actually gives you the three top mistakes that you’re making that are blocking you from having this awesome available man to you and the three shifts that you need to make to actually start to allow that love to come into your life.

If you want to get access to this free webinar, all you need to do is click the link below to register and then you will get access to it straight away.



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