How To Be Romantic At Home- Even During A Pandemic !

It feels good to be home alone together

If your idea of romance is long walking on the beach, a candlelit dinner in a fancy restaurant, or even going to see a movie and then going to a bar, you’ll have had problems recently.

Even if things are starting to open up again now, you might still have concerns about going out and being with other people, and that’s perfectly fair.

But just because you can’t go outside too much right now, that doesn’t mean the romance in your relationship has to die or even be postponed for a while.

You can be romantic at home in all kinds of different ways, and it’s important to try because everyone needs a little romance in their lives from time to time. Read on to see exactly how you can go about it.

A Backyard Picnic

If you have any kind of outside space attached to your home, you can use it to have a gorgeously romantic picnic. If you don’t have any outside space, don’t worry – the living room floor is just as good (and for authentic fresh air and outside sound effects, you can open the window).

Even if you can’t go to a beach or a pretty field somewhere, your picnic can still be wonderfully romantic, and it just takes a little planning.

Make sure you have something to sit on (the traditional picnic blanket is ideal, of course, but patio furniture cushions or even sofa cushions are fine too) and that you have the right food, add some music to the mix, and enjoy.

Dress Up For One Another

It’s good to be comfortable, and it’s good to find a style that suits you; if jeans and a t-shirt is your thing, there’s no reason not to wear this every day. But if you want to do something romantic, why not dress up for one another?

A smart suit or a beautiful dress with heels can make a big impression, even if you’re staying in.

You don’t have to have a reason to dress up other than wanting to impress your partner, but since you are going to be looking good, why not make the most of it and pretend you’re out on a date?

Have a great meal, watch a movie, dance in your living room, and then, if all goes well, the plus size sexy lingerie underneath your clothes could be of great use.

Learn Something Together

If you think you know everything about your partner, think again; there is always something new to discover and that’s exciting – it means that a relationship never needs to get stale, even when you’ve been together for decades.

One way to learn something new about your partner, and to learn something new about yourself in many cases, is to start a new hobby together.

Whether it’s cooking, painting, blogging, or a specific online class that you can do at the same time and then discuss, this is a unique and fascinating way to get to know one another better and be romantic when indoors.


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