How to date a Big girl. ( guest post by Kelly Glover )


Frequently men find Big Curvy Love through Google, searching things like ‘how to date a fat girl’ or ‘how to talk to a big girl.’ Rather than giving you blow-by-blow instructions, I’m going to let you big girl lovin’ blokes in on a few little secrets starting with what NOT to do.


I’ve been approached online by guys asking: How much do you weigh? This is the quickest way to a big girl booty blocking your profile! I don’t want to feel like the target of a fat fetish and that you’re not actually interested in me!

Also, if you have ILUVFATCHICKS as your profile name I’m not going to like you more I’ll just think that you’re after anyone to fit that ‘type’. Would you be attracted to a chick who’s user name was LUVS10INCHES! Probably not.

Most men who like big boobs wouldn’t ask a woman “what size bra do you wear?” With this is mind your first interaction probably shouldn’t be about weight. You know she’s a big girl and so does she. Leave it at that.

You don’t have to justify your attraction with an opening line explaining WHY you’re hitting on her “Hey Baby, I dig fat chicks.” All you’ll score from that is a polite smile before I spin my bar stool away from you.


I used to be suspicious of any man who approached me and thought it must be a joke. I no longer think that (which as a conscious decision for me) but many plus size women do still have their guards permanently up.

Be prepared to prove your genuine interest and attraction to her and know that this might take time. Bad big girl experiences have tainted many super hot plus size women into being skeptical of a man’s attention.

You might have to ‘work’ a bit to get her attention and convince her that you really are interested do this by showing her your worth and prepare yourself to possibly pass a few trick questions.


Just because we’re fat doesn’t mean we’re desperate and will have sex with any man who asks. Please don’t expect us to kneel at your feet in 5 seconds and be your ‘indoors only secret’.

There are loads of guys who are happy to sleep with big girls and love it but will never venture outside the bedroom on dates or family and friend introductions. We are not your dirty little secret.

If what you want is a one-night-stand then go get it guys but big girls are not a default secret girlfriend with sex-on-tap. If you genuinely like a woman with curves then you’ll have to prove your worth to her before you’re granted a date and get to see the ‘real her.’


You know she’s fat. She knows she’s fat. If a guy said to me ‘you’re NOT fat, baby’ I’d roll my eyes, think he was a bit weak and know he’s lost a piece of my respect. Guys, if you like a plus size woman that’s nothing to apologize for or hide. SHOW her how you feel by your actions.

My last boyfriend actually did a perfect job of this. He always walked closest to the curb to protect me, held my hand in public and introduced me with a huge smile on his face. I knew he was in to me by his words AND actions. He never let me talk myself down and would say: Hey that’s my girlfriend your talking about there!”

Your date might refer to herself or identify as fat, curvy, plus size just either to test you or it could be just the way she thinks of herself. I used to literally say to guys ‘you know I’m fat right?’ I could never believer or accept their interest and felt I had to ask just to confirm they knew they hadn’t made a mistake! If she asks you ‘don’t you care that I’m fat?’ Answer honestly and she’ll respect you.







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