How to date smarter – podcast interview with Renee Slansky

Are you ready to date smarter?

Thee is a saying that you can work hard or smart in life – majority of us want to get ahead and know that working smart is the best way to do this.

But what if we applied the same logic to dating? Do you want to date smart or hard?

Recently on the Stella Life podcast with Orion Talmay , Renee talks about the concept of dating smarter to get ahead in love.

Love wasn’t designed to be a gruelling heart wrenching process . And turning dating into a numbers game is only going to exhaust you .

So what if there was another way you could do it? What if you could date strategically and actually set yourself up to attract the right men automatically? Seems to good to be true right?

Well not so! In this episode , Renee talks about how to remain authentic whilst also refining the characteristics to attract the right man . She gets real and practical about how to make dating easier and what limiting beliefs we need to give up in order to get ahead and make love easier.

Are you ready to learn how to set yourself up online to attract the right men? Or maybe how to meet someone in real life? The do’s and don’ts and the simple ways to make dating easy and fun again ?

Click here now to listen to the full podcast or read the entire conversation .


Originally posted 2019-02-22 22:08:06.

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