How to Find the Best Mattress for Sex?

We do more on a mattress than just sleep.

A mattress is not just something you need to rest your body on when you need to sleep, and they also make a pretty good necessity for quality sex. And if you are in the market for a new quality mattress and are sexually active, you want to factor in its ability to support all that freaky-freaky in the sheets.

Making out on a mattress can take the fun out of playtime with your partner and not to mention cause severe body aches when you get out of bed in the morning.

So investing in the right quality pad for sleeping would do more good for your physical and sexual health.

You can check here for more reasons why you feel sore when you get out of bed in the morning.

For most couples, shopping for a new mattress can be an issue, especially when it comes to finding one that fits all the criteria—having problems in that department?

You can find tips below on how to shop for the best mattresses for sex.

Why do you Need a Mattress?

The apparent reason you will be in the market for a new cushion is to find quality sleep at night or at any time. So it does help that you be on the lookout for options that satisfy your sleep needs.

When shopping as a couple, you need to consider the needs of both partners. And of course, sex is a lot better when you are relaxed and comfortable.

Understanding your bedding needs will be useful in arriving at the best option for you. And yes, it has to support the occasional rumble in the sack. Some of the key features to look for when in the market for a good mattress for sex include


You should be able to get quality rest whenever you get into bed—at least it is why you need one. So even though you want your sex life to take a new turn, you also want something that can cradle you to sleep without rocking the bed and any aches when you wake up.

You want something firm, but it also has to be soft and smooth on the body when you get in it. There are occasions when sex tends to be intense, and it is only right that your bed and mattress can handle the intensity.


You don’t want the kids or neighbors to learn about your moves from a noisy mattress and creaking bed. So you must check the noise levels when shopping for a new cushion for rest and sex. The best mattresses for sex should be discreet and support all the way you and yours truly make love.


You want to get a mattress that would maintain its integrity in a few years. It would help if you did so, to avoid having to go looking for one every few months. It doesn’t matter if you choose to go for spring, memory, or just your typical foam mattress, it has to be made from comfortable and long-lasting materials.



Now you obviously won’t need to bounce in your sleep. But you will need all the support you can get when fighting in the sheets. While no one is keeping scores, you surely want the mattress to be in your favor. So it has to be able to absorb all the going up and down the place.

Supports On the Edge

For couples who love to have the entire bed to themselves when in the mood to explore each other’s sexuality, they would agree that the bed edges also help with certain positions. You want to check for options with sides that can support weight and pressure without shrinking.



The size of your mattress can be an advantage when it comes to lobe making. While most couples may be okay doing it in one position, others get all over the place, and you want something large enough for your adventures if you are in the latter category.




You also want to consider how much it will cost you for a new mattress when in the market for one. While there are many different brands available, not all of them are made of high quality.

You should also know that it would cost more to get one that is durable and supports sex and rest. So having a budget would go a long way in deciding which option to choose.

You can find useful tips on this page on how much a good sleeping pad should cost you.


Final Note


Finding the best mattresses for sex could be as easy as checking online reviews for popular options and place an order for one. But you want to be careful to ensure that it fits all the criteria above before checking out your order.


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