How to get a man to change

Want to know the golden secret?

It’s something that women always seem to naturally want to do : change a man. And it’s definitely something mean hate women trying to do!

But let’s be realistic , sometimes people do need to change in order to make a relationship better and more fulfilling.

So how then do you encourage and communicate the change you want to see , without coming across forceful , nagging or having him stick his heels in?!

Here is a little video I did to touch on the subject so that both people in the relationship can have the benefit .

How to get a man to change . How to change a man. 

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  • CJ says:

    “Women marry men hoping they will change, Men marry women hoping they will not change”. So true. I love it when women do these emasculating articles on “How men think” and “What he is telling you really”. Too broad, too stereotypical and way to bland. Each man , given the right woman will be blooming before she jumps on board. Feminism, emotional cajoling, lying, not speaking the REAL agenda’s they have started the whole PUA (pick up artist) and MGTOW movements. Yes, there have always been dirt bag men. On the whole men are now being blamed for toxicity in relationships. I have been in 4 relationships where dishonesty, manipulation and projection were constantly being levied at me. I know better now. These “crooked sticks” are now seen next to a straight stick and my mind, heart and soul are better for it.

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