How to get an ex back who lost feelings for you

Getting the ex back isn’t mission impossible , even if he has lost some feelings for you .

But there are certain things you must do in order to get him to think about you , miss you and want you back. When we have self sabotaged a relationship and realised we stuffed up , it’s crucial that in order to get them back we do it slowly and in such a way that you now come across as a high value woman.

So here are my tops 5 tips to get the ex back even if he has lost feelings for you :

1) No contact for 21 days – you need to give him a chance to feel your absence and realise that he misses you!

2) Become desirable again – you have to become an even better version of yourself so that he realises what he has missed out on – plus it actually does yourself a favour 😉

3) Contact him with a neutral tone – so that you can start a conversation but not come across desperate.

4) Plant seeds of attraction – you want to start getting under his skin and in his mind in a good way!

5) Make him miss you – he has to be thinking about you and yearning for you ( I also recommend watching my other video on how to get a guy to miss you )

Remember that getting back with someone doesn’t always mean it will be different this time round , so be sure that you have worked out what the initial issue was so that you don’t have history repeat itself.

How To Get An Ex Back Who Lost Feelings For You | How To Get The Ex Back  

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