Dating is a roller coaster ride, you will inevitability have highs and lows.

After a disappointing dating experience it can be difficult for some to have the confidence to date again. It can be discouraging and can impact your self-worth and self-esteem.

It is normal to feel a bit apprehensive when it comes to meeting new people. You may feel you will never meet someone who is right for you.

Feeling positive within yourself will enable you to navigate your way thought the uncertainty of dating. It will help you turn life’s setbacks into future successes.

If you succumbed to negative thinking you are more likely to believe that there is something wrong with you if things don’t work out. Feeling good about yourself will help you view a negative experience as something you can learn from.


Confidence and a high self-esteem are very attractive qualities. The good news is you can work on changing your attitude to become more positive and to developing a stronger self-worth,supporting you to feel good about yourself and better able to manage your emotions and the disappointments that can come with dating.

How do you develop confidence?

Develop the expectation that you will have to meet many new people to find the person that is right for you. Let go of the pressure and accept you are on a journey of life experiences.

See dates with someone new, as fun outings let go of the “do or die” attitude.

When things do not workout having the belief that good thing will come to you in time will keep you feeling strong. If a potential relationship does not work out rather than being feeling sad, view it as a learning experience and leading you one step closer to finding love.

This will help you grow and become resilient.When you change your attitude towards dating everything else will fall into place.

Focusing on your wellbeing and looking after yourself both mentally and physically: exercise, meditate and treat yourself, if it makes you feel good do it.

Doing these things for yourself will lift your mood and your energy levels – being the best you can be will support you to stay strong and resilient.

Ten Tip for Dating Confidence

  1. Get comfortable with the uncertainty of dating, by turning the feelings of uncertainty and anxiety into anticipation and excitement. Stay in control of your emotions, don’t let worry or anxiety take over.
  2. Believe in yourself, know that you are a unique individual and there is nothing wrong with you are perfect as you are.
  3. Dailypositive affirmation to reinforce that you are worthy of having a loving and fulfilling relationship. Affirmations are good ways to turn your fears and worries into a more positive emotion
  4. Enjoy the time spent on your own you. Having the belief that you do not need anyone in your life to make you happy and secure. Being self-reliant and independent is very attractive quality.
  5. Gratitude, be thankful for all the blessing in your life. If you are feeling down a proven way to lift your spirits is to practise gratitude. Try it out by write down all the things that make you happy.
  6. Meditation and exercise has proven transforms you into a calmer and well-balanced person. It changes your attitude to be more positive and happier.
  7. Take Care of yourself, focus on yourself and self-care. Do things that will make you feel your best
  8. Spend time with positive uplifting people avoid negative people and run away from toxic people.
  9. Know what you want and be strong enough to walk away, do not waste your time and energy on something that is not good enough.
  10. Let go of expectations when you start dating someone new, enjoy it for what it is, stay in moment and you will be protect yourself from disappointment if it does not work out.


About The Author

Eugenie Pepper is a relationship counsellor, mindset coach and hypnotherapist. Eugenie has developed a guided meditation app, the “Key for Me” to support wellbeing and help people find the elusive balance in their lives between work and family and fun.  The “Key for Me” app makes meditation quick and easy. It enables you to take time from your busy day to find some calm in the chaos. The app also features meditation to heal a broken heart and to let go of what is holding you back. 


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  • proximeety says:

    These are inded some useful tips, but what would advise for singles that seem to get repeatedly let down and then ghosted. The impact that this has on someone’s self estime is grindding. How would you advise singles over 50 to keep bouncing back?
    Thanking you in advance for your answer

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