How to make a man miss you and crave you

Want to get inside his thoughts?

When a guy pulls back , or worse he breaks up with you , the last thing we want him to do is forget about us. So how then do we play on his mind without coming across as desperate or stalker like?

There are 6 simple ways to get a man to miss you and crave you . It’s not rocket science , it’s just a matter of knowing how they work and what you have to do to play on his mind and heart.

So here are my 6 tips to make a man crave you and how to make him miss you :

1) Stop being so available – The golden rule for getting a guy to miss you is to never be 100% available . You have to give him some chase!

2) Be mysterious – don’t tell him everything , make him wonder what you are you to so he misses you and craves you.

3) Highlight your life – show him that you are thriving without him so he misses you and wants to be in your life.

4) Stop initiating contact all the time – allow him to chase you a little more!

5) Put yourself first- best thing to do in this time is to stop focusing on him even if you miss him.

6) Connect emotionally with him- Trigger an emotional response when you chat so that he misses and craves you even more.

Remember a man can only miss you if you give him an opportunity to do so!

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