How to make him miss you in a long distance relationship

Scared he will forget you?

Long distance relationships are hard enough , without the fear of having the other person forget us or fall out of love.

That’s why it is important to get them thinking about you and missing you , so that you are always on their mind.

Here are my quick tips to put into practice that will make him miss you long distance and keep your long distance relationship strong:

1) Get visual with the communication – don’t just call and text , send photos and do videos.

2) Trigger memories – tap into his emotional attachment to you by reminding him of all the fun and special times you have had together.

3) Communicate daily – write to him as if you were just having a normal regular conversation.

4) Don’t come across needy – show him you are independent and self sustainable .

5) Show him you are thriving – so that he can be even more attracted to you.

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How to get him to miss you in a long distance relationship

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